Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Anarchists in Canada? Really?

May 19, 2010.

Outside my window...beautiful day, 25C.
I am some anarchists firebombed a bank in Ottawa. In Canada! What losers. Their reason? The bank sponsored the Olympics which may have been on land taken from Natives. Duh! So is the whole country, including where they live. Unbelievable! This, even though Natives approved of and joined in the ceremonies for the Olympics.
I am thankful dental care. My husband has a good dental plan through his work. While in San Diego, a crown fell off my molar.
From the kitchen...BBQ jumbo hot dogs and salad.
I am wearing...a black and white printed sundress and white cardigan.
I am reading...The Last Lieutenant by John J. Gobbell. It's a WW2 naval techno thriller.
I am hoping...the Annual Meeting goes well at church tonight. My husband still gets stressed over them even after years of smooth meetings. He's shell-shocked from the rough years. The stories we could tell could curl your hair!
I am hearing...the sounds of traffic outside the train.
Around the house...getting back into routines. May is always a busy month. We have two local bunnies who've taken to our backyard. So far it's not a problem, but if I plant tomatoes and they eat them, we'll be sworn enemies, regardless of their cuteness factor.
One of my favourite things...discovering new places. See my travel log below about our recent trip to San Diego.
Some plans for the two more nights, shop, clean house, have friends over for a bbq this long weekend. Maybe plant some flowers or at least buy potted plants for the planter boxes on the deck.

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