Monday, May 31, 2010

Best Weekend

May 31, 2010.

Outside my window...30 C day, but now the clouds have moved in. We need some rain anyway, and I don't mind it when I'm working or sleeping.
I am thinking...that this past weekend was one of the best I've experienced. Everything about it was perfect: it was hot and sunny, I had no stress, it was relaxing even when we were busy. My husband and I went to a Greek restaurant in the neighbourhood for our Friday night date, then went grocery shopping. The girls were both away on their respective Christian retreats. On Saturday morning I went to a Ladies' Meeting at church, cleaned the house, and baked a cake for Sunday's dinner. We watched soccer, took a stroll through our neighbourhood while the dishwasher washed my dishes, enjoyed an ice cream cone while out, bought a cafe set for the deck (see picture),had a nice bbq dinner, sat on the swing with my honey, went in the hot tub, and spent time together, reading and romancing. Sunday we went to church twice, our friends were visiting and helped to make the music worshipful and fun, then they came over for a roast beef dinner. We relaxed and caught up while their three little girls played in the hot tub. Usually, it's not a "clothing optional" venue, but we made an exception for them. Then there was a time of fellowship after church Sunday night. See, a full weekend, but oh so perfect. I feel so blessed.
I am thankful for...a good marriage. It gets better all the time. My husband has a stressful job and sometimes stress being a church leader, but he said he appreciates that at home, there is peace.
From the fillets, salad, peas and carrots, bread.
I am wearing...jean capris, a new navy and white print top.
I am reading...Abigail by Jill Eileen Smith, about one of King David's wives. She is my favourite, because of her wisdom.
I am hoping...the mess gets sorted out at my daughter's rental house in H-town. It's a house of 6 Christian girls. Over the summer, one sub-letted her room out to a non-Christian girl, who then started having her boyfriend over. Then her boyfriend "somehow" moved his stuff in, acquired a key, and stayed after the girl moved out early. This resulted in a situation where my daughter, who is there for a few days a week taking courses, was alone with this guy in the house. Then she'd even wake up to find his friends asleep on the couch in their boxers. When we heard, of course we freaked out. This is a house of girls, where those girls and their parents expect there to be no boys. She didn't feel safe there, and she shouldn't have to worry about taking a shower, or feel like she needs to hide away in her locked room. He didn't sign any contract, he was a squatter. He needed to go. When she told his girlfriend, he gave my daughter a note, begging for her to give him a chance, that he wouldn't disturb her, because this was a good location for him for work. She told him, no, he had to go. So he's apparently moving his stuff out on Tuesday, because of his work schedule. In the meantime, she went back there and stayed at a friend's place on Sunday night, although, she really shouldn't have to be the one to be inconvenienced. But I'd rather have her safe. On Monday night, some friends would come and stay at her place, even with him there. After he leaves, and he'd better, we have to have the locks re-keyed, because who knows how many keys are out there? I also don't want to worry that he'd just let himself in at some future date.
I am hearing...the GO train.
Around the house...well, everything I already said, plus my husband is buying a new lawnmower today. We ordered a new fridge for my mom's yet to be completed apartment downstairs. We'll be able to use the fridge for extra storage when we entertain. Always so much food.
One of my favourite things...walking in our neighbourhood. There are pathways next to a ravine, all through our subdivision.
Some plans for the Monday,Tuesday and Thursday. I booked Wednesday off because my husband and I scored tickets to a soccer game (Toronto FC vs. Vancouver Whitecaps). It's a Champions' League game, but it's moot because TFC just clinched the title. They'll probably play the second line players and there's no pressure because the game doesn't really matter, but we're happy to go anyway. We have tickets to only two games this season, and that's only because we know someone who knows a season ticket holder who is willing to sell them to us. The stadium is too small for the popularity of the team and the sport of soccer in Toronto. It's also the only time my husband agrees to wear matching shirts, but then we match with thousands of other fans, as well. Friday we have a dinner date with our realtor. He wants to take my husband and I, along with my brother-in-law and his wife, out since he helped us both move this year and appreciates our business. He's taking us to the Keg Steakhouse. Isn't that nice? Then Saturday, we're going to a joint College and Careers/Youth group event at Christian campground. We'll bbq lunch, my husband will fish, and they'll do high ropes, rock climbing and archery. I'll cook and read. I may do archery, but nothing to do with heights. Sunday is church.

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