Tuesday, February 22, 2011


February 22, 2011.

Outside my window...mild, and not as cold or dark these days. Spring, are you there?
I am thinking...Typical Canadian justice system. They give a murderer doing a life sentence an unescorted day pass, and he doesn't return. Why would he have a day pass of any kind? Next we'll hear he re-offended. I hope they catch him soon.
I am thankful for...having my family home for the week. It's spring break for my daughters. I just finished five nights off, and of course, it went too fast. We had dinner out at the Keg, went shopping with the girls at the Eaton Centre and saw the movie, Unknown. My husband cooked supper a few nights this past week. He's very kind that way and it was much appreciated. It's the little things that matter.
From the kitchen...linguine and shrimp.
I am wearing...jeans and a green sweater.
I am reading...Unafraid by Francine Rivers.It's about Mary, the mother of Jesus, and it's background research for my next talk at the Ladies' meeting, on the women in the genealogy of Christ.
I am hoping...to see some improvement in staffing at work. These new changes are making it sooooo busy and unsafe. I hope management will listen to our concerns. I was awake two hours last night worrying about it, and I'm not usually a worrier, so I was extra annoyed to lose sleep over it. I've always enjoyed my job; not so much now.
I am hearing...the train. I met a nurse I had seen around at my hospital waiting at the same station, so we griped about the staffing issues.
Around the house...my husband's job is going well; less day-to-day stress. My youngest spent the day in court today. She wants to be a lawyer, and was invited by a relative of a friend to spend the day with him in Plea court. He's an Ontario court Justice in Newmarket. She even had lunch with the judges. My eldest is home all week, getting her dental and hair appointments out of the way, since she lives out of town. Her housemate is coming over to our house tomorrow with their new puppy, Kody. She refers to him as our grandpuppy. I'm looking forward to meeting him. I've had some productive writing days this week.
One of my favourite things...that my kids show an interest in my writing. My eldest asked me to read my story on Finland, aloud to her. We both cried at a poignant father-daughter moment. Those get me every time, even if I'm the one who wrote them.
Some plans for the week...work three busy nights. Attend a dinner party Friday night. I'ts Nova Scotia themed (seafood). Speak on Bathsheba on Saturday morning. Church on Sunday. College and Careers meeting on Sunday night. Start all over the next day.

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