Sunday, February 6, 2011

Theology: The Study of God

Read Psalm 19 and Romans 1:18-32

Theology has been called the queen of sciences because there is no greater topic to study than God Himself. But unlike other sciences, in theology, we sit under our Subject, waiting to learn what He will reveal about Himself; for it is by revelation that we know anything at all about God. We can’t put Him under a microscope; such a God wouldn’t be worthy of worship.
How do we know anything at all about God? First, He has revealed Himself in creation. We see that in Psalm 19. We see His power and goodness, His design and providence. Throughout the world, no matter the language, the book of creation shouts that God exists, but men willingly suppress this knowledge.
Knowing that God is Creator leaves us without excuse that He exists, but it doesn’t tell us how to get right with this God. For that we need another book; the Bible; the written Word of God. It’s here that we hear the bad news that man sinned, and we hear from story after story the tragic effects of that fall. We also see God’s mercy, forgiveness and love demonstrated throughout history again and again.
We see the arrival of the Person of the Son of God, the promised Deliverer. This is the good news. Gospel means ‘good news’. We read about His perfect life and the defeat of sin on the cross of Calvary.
In the letters, or epistles, we learn the implications of the life of Christ on the life of the believer. Finally, we get a glimpse of things to come, when we are finally free from sin forever. Christ came to deliver us from the penalty of sin, the Holy Spirit was sent to save us from the power of sin, and when we get to Heaven, we’ll be free from the presence of sin. Done, done and done!
That’s why it’s worthwhile to study theology. In studying our great Subject, we learn to know Him personally, as He reveals more and more of Himself. He is a truly inexhaustible subject, and we’ll be forever learning new things about Him throughout eternity. It’s like the gospel is a multi-faceted diamond. Every way you look at it, you see something you haven’t seen before, and it is amazing!
If I were a castaway on a deserted island and could have only one book, I would choose the Bible. If you take any other book, it’s always the same; but the Bible is alive. It keeps revealing more new things about God every time we read it.
Life is short, and even if we were to study God’s Word our whole life, we could only conclude that there is still so much to know that we don’t even know how much we don’t know.
“And there are also many other things which Jesus did, which if they were written in detail, I suppose that even the world itself would not contain the books that would be written.” John 21:25

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