Monday, March 7, 2011

So Close to the Kingdom

March 7, 2011.

Outside my window...snow on the ground, but milder, and the sun is still shining at 6 p.m. Come on, Spring!
I am husband had the opportunity to share the gospel very clearly with my mom the other day. He was telling her about the Christian foundations course he's beginning to teach next week. The curriculum, Creation to Christ, has a timeline. He showed it to her and reviewed how God chose Abraham, Noah, Moses, David, etc. She said, "So that's where Jesus fits in? I think I understand." That's huge. Not understanding was always one of her big excuses. She also admitted she is a sinner. That's another huge step. Then she said, "But I don't feel like one of you." My husband told her that if God is opening her eyes to understand the gospel, she just needs to obey and the feelings will come later. He told her to pray. She thanked him for not pushing her. He said that's not how it works. She needs to deal with God herself. Then he prayed with her, but didn't want to 'decision' her. She is so close to the Kingdom, but not there yet. Please pray. Only God can change her heart. If you knew how hostile she was to the gospel when I was saved over 30 years ago, you'd know how amazed I am that she is at this stage. She'll be 71 this month. Lord, please save her! I hope she'll begin the classes with my husband. It could be just what she needs. He's a good teacher and the curriculum is very basic, but a good overview of what the Bible teaches.
I am thankful for...a job that pays 100% sick benefits, so our income wasn't affected when I was off work last week.
From the kitchen...tacos.
I am reading...Thirsting Soul: The Saving Work of God in the heart of man, by Roger Fellows.
I am hoping...that I feel okay at work this week. I'm not 100% yet, but I ended up missing all four of my nights last week. I felt so week, I couldn't do anything but sit around. I had a cough and body aches, mostly, but thankfully no fever. Now my husband has it.
I am hearing...the train.
Around the house...My husband missed church yesterday because of illness. That rarely happens. My eldest will be home on Friday night. My youngest was interviewed for membership at her church. She also received a favourable response from one of her job applications, but is torn because she's still waiting to hear from some of the jobs she applied for with the Ontario Government, which she'd rather have.
One of my favourite things...a new show I saw yesterday, called Secret Millionaire. I thought Extreme Makeover, Home Edition made me cry! It really is a great feeling to be the answer to someone's prayer, even if we can't give away thousands of dollars.
Some plans for the three nights. Shop, clean and bake. Host a girls' night/Jane Austen movie marathon with my eldest daughter, two of her friends, and the mom of one of her friends. Kody, the dog will be coming, too. I'm making homemade pizzas and lemon poppyseed cake. Should be fun, if I can locate enough of the movies.

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