Monday, September 19, 2011

Death in the Family

Outside my window...a rainy Monday.
I am thinking...My brother in law died yesterday from his brain tumour. He was 54. They had given him a prognosis of eight months and he lived nine. However, he was paralyzed on one side for the whole time. My husband and I had gone to visit him on Friday night. At that point he was unable to speak, but he was aware of people and could squeeze my hand and I think he was able to understand what was said to him. His sister was there for a while and then left, so we had some private time with him. My husband prayed for him, specifically that God would be with him and that John would turn to Christ. Then he shared the gospel with him. I’m so glad we had that opportunity. That’s the only thing that gives me comfort; that he may have cried out to God and we will see him in Heaven. The alternative is too horrible to contemplate. I have one night off from work, that’s all that’s allowed for a brother in law at my work. My husband gets four days if he needs it, but he’s only taking one day off. The funeral will be this weekend, I think.
I am have a productive week.
I am thankful for...the opportunity we had to share the gospel with John.
I am wearing...jeans and an olive green top.
From the kitchen...homemade jalapeno poppers; arugala, feta and watermelon salad; curried chicken thighs and rice and beans.
I am hearing...a cooking show on the Food Network.
I am reading...The Doctor’s Lady by Jody Hedlund.
Around the Mom is really having a hard time with John’s death, because even after all this time, it still reminded her of my father’s death forty four years ago.
One of my favourite things...Pinterest. I just discovered it. As if I needed another internet distraction! Goodbye, Productivity!
Some plans for the two nights. Clean the house in preparation for guests this weekend. Attend the viewing Friday afternoon. Go on a dinner cruise of Toronto harbour with two other couples on Friday night. Host out of town family for the weekend. Funeral on Saturday. Church on Sunday.

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