Monday, September 26, 2011

Time of Life

September 26, 2011.

Outside my window...a rare, hot fall day, 29 C, but it's supposed to rain the rest of the week.
I am thinking...We're getting to the age where our friends' parents are dying. Our best man's mom died this weekend. She was a sweet lady. She was a real energizer bunny at church back in the day. She developed Alzheimer's and was cared for at home by her daughter-in-law for many years. She broke her hip last week and stopped eating. Christian funerals are so different. A friend at church told me they were once at a funeral home and the funeral director had to come and ask them to keep it down, because they were talking and laughing and it upset another funeral where they were wailing.
I am blog at least three times a week until the end of the year.
I am thankful home. It's big enough that I actually offered to host 27 people for Thanksgiving dinner!
I am uniform, at work of course.
From the kitchen...bbq sausage in a bun and grilled banana with brown sugar.
I am co-workers talking.
I am reading...31 Days to Finding your Blogging Mojo by Bryan Allain. Very funny.
Around the house...I ended up being off all last week because of bereavement leave. See the blog about the funeral.
One of my favourite things...they've added an extra GO train in the morning, so I get home 30 minutes sooner. Nice.
Some plans for the four nights. Attend a conference at Trinity Baptist Church on Saturday, for the wives of Pastors and Elders. Church on Sunday.

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