Thursday, June 14, 2012

Proposal Accepted

Outside my window...a beautiful, sunny day.
I am thinking...I could never be a farmer’s wife. We picked and hulled strawberries yesterday, then made 99 jars of jam as gifts for guests at my daughter’s reception. I hope they taste good.
I am youngest finds work soon. My eldest passed her lifeguarding refresher course so she’s set for her summer job up at camp.
I am thankful for...I went to the Cardiologist with my mom and he told her the family doctor was wrong and there was no heart attack. The ecg was fine. However he is sending her for other tests and may recommend she postpone her Mediterranean cruise, which would be disappointing of course, but her health comes first.
I am wearing...p.j.’s. Still early in the morning.
From the kitchen...not sure yet, but it will include the fresh peas I will shell this afternoon that I got from the farm store. That says summer to me.
I am hearing...a quiet house.
I am reading...Glamorous Illusions by Lisa Bergren.
Around the house...Last week with everyone here. My eldest heads off to camp this weekend and will only be back on the occasional weekend. I’m off all this week and it’s already half over. I did get some writing done, but never enough for me.
One of my favourite things...getting a proposal accepted. The elders agreed with my idea for a book about the church for our 50th anniversary in two years. It will be called Testimonies of Faith and will have a history of the church and some pictures from over the years. Mostly, though it will be testimonies of the members, conversion stories which are always encouraging to read. So excited to get started.
Some plans for the week...catch up on chores, dog to obedience school, prep for the Sunday School picnic and VBS meeting, attend a church picnic Saturday, church Sunday, prepare a nice meal for my husband since it’s both his birthday and father’s day on Sunday.

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