Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Stressed Out!

Outside my window...hot, hazy, humid.
I am thinking... I am way too stressed about going back to work tonight. I was off eleven nights, but because our O.R. is closed, we have too many nurses for too few patients, and it’s my turn to go relieving, even with 26 years of seniority. Arrrgh. I find it so stressful to be on a different unit. On my floor I know what’s expected of me and where everything is. I even prefer our patient population. I worked for years on Haematology, but now I dread looking after Leukemia patients. Give me surgical patients any day.
I am hoping...to stay on my unit or get the night off.
I am thankful for...my mom’s cardiologist has given her the okay to travel so she and my sister are heading to the Mediterranean for a two week cruise.
I am wearing... denim capris and a white blouse.
From the kitchen...an amazing new recipe of oven baked chicken that tastes like Kentucky Fried chicken but healthier.
I am hearing...UEFA soccer. England vs. Ukraine.
I am reading...Prize of my Heart by Lisa Norato.
Around the house...my husband turned 49. He had steak and chocolate cake; his usual request. We had a nice Church picnic. My eldest started work at camp, my youngest is still looking, but beginning to get discouraged.
One of my favourite things...finding encouragement in unlikely places. I’ve been going through the 15 Habits of Writers by Jeff Goins, and one challenge was to build a team around you to give you feedback. I find writing is a very solitary pursuit. Even the thought of asking terrified me, but so far all of the responses have been positive. No, more than that, some even thanked me for the opportunity, as if I had done them a favour. Others said they enjoyed my writing and were glad to see I was using my gift. I was blown away by their kindness.
Some plans for the week... work three nights. Visiting missionaries at church as well as a dinner.

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