Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Canada Day, Eh?

Outside my window...Muggy.
I am thinking...I need to get going on purchasing food for DVBS. It’s coming up soon.
I am youngest finds something to do this summer. If she can’t find work, she may volunteer.
I am thankful country. It was Canada Day this week. I didn’t even wave a flag. But I am blessed to live here, in spite of the problems. We have freedom of speech and religion, at least for now. I’ll use it while I can, even if one day it’s used against me.
I am capris and a print top.
From the kitchen...Atlantic salmon, balsamic rice, freshly shelled peas, leftover strawberry shortcake.
I am hearing...Wrath of the Titans. My husband’s choice. The things you do for love.
I am reading...Blue Moom Bay by Lisa Wingate.
Around the house...we had a nice dinner party, even with only 24 hours to prepare. We served a triple appetizer of Scallop BLT’s, stuffed large mushroom cap, and baked brie bites. Then jumbo shrimp skewers and cheese biscuits, watermelon feta and arugala salad, filet mignon, chicken skewers, rosemary lamb with grilled vegetables, scalloped white and sweet potatoes, Finnish strawberry shortcake and ice cream bars. It was a nice evening.My mom and sister returned from their Mediterranean cruise today.
One of my favourite things...meeting new people. There was a family from Indiana at church this morning. As usual, they found us on the internet, specifically searching for a Doctrines of Grace church.
Some plans for the week...Pedicures with my youngest. I was off Monday for the Canada Day holiday, then I work three nights. Then I have two weeks off. We have DVBS the first week, when I’m doing the snacks. We’ll do day trips, and then stuff around the area on the second week.

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