Friday, May 24, 2013

Movie Review of Oblivion with Tom Cruise

Not a fan of sci-fi personally, but it was free, and I thought it looked like it would be tolerable. Tom Cruise is not bad looking, either, although he’s off his rocker spiritually speaking. But I digress.

So you see a futuristic world, where a couple are living in a home on a stick, from which he leaves in his flying machine each day to do patrols and service some drones, while she mans the comm and reports back to the mother ship.

While out, he is attacked and taken to a hideout, where some people tell him his reality is not what he thinks it is, but they let him go to find it out for himself.

Without giving away the whole plot of the movie, the underlying theme is what’s interesting. It’s the old, old story. Man discovers that the world he lives in has some forbidden places. He sees the prohibition rather than the provision.

His character, Jack (like all American leading men are named Jack, but that’s my rant for another day), is not allowed to cross a line in his flying machine. But of course he does, and discovers a cabin by a stream, which he returns to many times. His creator has been keeping him from something good.

Then eventually, he returns to the people who told him the “truth” and he helps them to find their god, in the mother ship, in order to kill it.

You see what I mean about it being the old, old story? Of course, it’s not exact, because the world he was living in wasn’t a paradise at all, like the Garden of Eden was, and their Creator wasn’t good, like ours is. But the idea of wanting to be autonomous, to make their own decisions, to cross borders and boundaries, to decide right and wrong on their own terms, is the nature of our rebellious hearts.

Man rebelled against the goodness of his Creator, spurning His goodness and provision, and wanting to establish his own moral compass. What did that original trespass lead to? Man killed his God. Jesus Christ, the Creator, was put to death by His creatures.

“There is nothing new under the sun.”  Ecc.1:9b

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