Friday, February 28, 2014


February Journaling

1.     Yay! I decided on a topic for my message; it’s based on the Assyrian invasion of Judah during Hezekiah’s reign. It’s about the fact that God hears the taunts and torments of our enemies.

2.     Doing research and writing my message for next week. Other than laundry and changing beds, it’s a pajama day. Thankful we cleaned the house on Thursday.

3.     Really! These hot flashes are ridiculous! And this while I still have my ovaries. I foresee hormonal issues ahead, as does my husband.

4.     I got tonight off because I have my pre-admit appointment at the hospital tomorrow.

5.     Ready for my message. I learn so much doing the preparation for the Women of Faith.

6.     Work was good. 

7.     Woke up to the sound of the vacuum and the smell of clean floors. Eldest daughter was visiting and she knew guests were arriving soon after I woke up. She’s our Felix, the other is our Oscar.

8.    Great meeting this morning, fifteen women, plus myself. Good discussion. Then watched Biathlon on the Sochi Olympics. I love biathlon. It’s my culture, started during the winter war against the Russians. Dinner party at a friend’s place. The menu was apps, then carrot-ginger soup, warm salad with walnuts, goat cheese and tomatoes, then lemon-shallot chicken in phyllo pastry with scalloped potatoes. Dessert was molten lava cake and ice cream.

9.    Church this morning. Long nap. Headache. Downton Abbey tonight.

10.  Three more night shifts then off for six days before my surgery on Wednesday. My husband is taking a week off.

11. Crazy night. I’m earning my money, and I feel I’ve come back to almost my usual strength and stamina.

12.  Final night, then I’m off for nine weeks.

13.  Breakfast out with my youngest daughter. We also decided my husband and I would go out tonight instead of tomorrow, for our Valentine’s Day date. We went to The Keg for steak and lobster. Delish! He also got me Turtles, strawberries, roses and a card. Yes, I’m a creature of habit, but I know what I like, and I like that he knows what I like. I can’t say what I got him in a public venue.

14.  Morning volunteering at Wings. Errands in the afternoon. I need to get ready for surgery and being cooped up for about a month. I want to buy more yarn, because you can never have too much yarn.

15. I saw my family doctor today to get forms filled out for my absence from work. She told me I’m going to get quite a sudden shock to my system. Got my eyebrows done.

16. Church today, then a Providential dinner, followed by pedicures with my daughter. Nine loads of laundry. How do we generate so much laundry?

17. This is Family Day in Ontario. My husband is off work, too. I ran a few errands but most stores are closed. Starting to pack for the hospital.

18.  Volunteering at Wings today, then a haircut and grocery shopping, so my family will get by for a while. My husband promises to cook; I hope it won’t be take-out only. I’m a little nervous about the surgery; it’s so different being on this side of the knife. I know too much of what can go wrong.

19.  Surgery day. I’m supposed to be in for two nights. I’ll report back when I can.

20. Home today after one night. Hospitals are not conducive to sleep. The surgery went better than I expected. I had severe pain in the recovery room but I’ve been relatively pain-free.

21.  My husband is taking a week off to be my nurse and man-maid. He thinks I’m liking it too much.

22.  I watched the country of my homeland defeat the U.S. in men’s hockey for Olympic bronze. My daughter tweeted a Finnish insult: Nice try U.S.A. Come back when you’re tough enough to sit on the top bench of the sauna.

23.  Was surrounded by my whole family today. Nice, but kind of exhausting. I also can’t believe Downton Abbey season four is over already.

24.  Semi-productive day, posted my Women of Faith message on the Scarlet thread blog, sent thank you messages and ordered some books. Cut my day in half by a three and a half hour nap.

25.  Shuffled for two hours in the mall, holding onto my husband. The exercise helped. He’s taken the week off work.

26.  Went to buy more yarn to finish some projects.

27. Long nap today. My hot flashes continue, but less severe with the estrogen replacement. Went to see Pompeii. If I wanted something historical, I should've watched a documentary. This was about gladiators.

28.  Not terribly productive days. I shower, rest, empty the dishwasher, rest, do a load of laundry (no lifting) and take a long nap. Then eat dinner and crochet on the couch while a watch t.v. What a waste. I know it’s only a week since surgery, but I was hoping to get more done on my novel. Maybe next month.

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