Friday, January 31, 2014

New Year

January 2014

1.   A good start to the New Year. My husband and I had an early morning hot tub, with a glass of champagne and orange juice, then I made brunch. Now we’re watching a soccer game and then I’ll take down the Christmas decorations.

2.  Pajama day. I love pajama days. Also doing some writing; I took a scene from my book which I had researched, and changed it from fiction to non-fiction to have a Scarlet Thread lesson ready for my next Women of Faith meeting. This one is on David’s census and how Christ is like David in the way He intercedes for His people and how His sacrifice is accepted.

3.   Neurologist appointment for an update. I find it a little frustrating that she thinks all my unexplained symptoms aren’t caused by Lyrica. I beg to differ. Until I started it, I didn’t have ten of these symptoms, and they’ve been unexplained by every test known to man.

4.   We have an old Nordic snow removal system, but boy, is her back sore!

5.   My husband preached at our church this morning. He taught from 1 Corinthians 13, which is usually read at weddings but not usually preached on. It was good to hear it in context. You can check it out on our church’s new website at Sunday dinner was an impromptu lunch at The Mandarin. Then tonight, Downton Abbey: Season Four!

6.   Doctor’s appointment; received the official pronouncement that I can return to work with no restrictions. Happy to have the week off, with carried over vacation days!

7.   I spent the day at Wings Maternity Home. It’s just a few blocks away from me. It seems like a ministry I could get behind. I always wanted to be involved in a practical pro-life ministry.

8.   Last night I booked the venue for my 50th birthday party. I am planning it myself because I’m a control freak and want it just so.

9.   We kicked our Christmas tree to the curb.

10. I had a few good writing days, about 2,000 words. The main point of the scene I was wrestling with was how much did a believer at the time of King David understand about law vs. grace or revelation about the coming Messiah. I don’t want to put understanding and clarity into their thoughts and words if it wasn’t realistic, but did they have any hints? I know three thousand years separate us, and as much as we are different, we are the same. Also had my hair highlighted, to cover my greys, and we went to a Film Festival our daughter helped organize at U of T to mark the 100th anniversary of WW1. We saw Paths of Glory, starring Kirk Douglas.

11.  Women of Faith meeting. I spoke about a Scarlet Thread: Jesus as the Intercessor in David’s census.

12. Last day off. Back to work tomorrow, but so happy to be going back to night shift.

13. It’s coming back to me. I was a little achy, but hey, I have medications for that.

14.  Work was good. So happy to be off tomorrow for urology night. Have I mentioned I hate urology night?

15. Wiped out from work. Watching Jeopardy, my new addiction. My memory isn’t great. I can think of the correct responses, but not that quickly.

16. I ran a few errands today, and dropped off some of Kody’s unopened dog food at the place I will be volunteering. I need to get a police check done, which is standard operating procedure for volunteering.

17. Work was busy but okay. I am happy to have found out the date of my surgery; Feb. 19th! So I have another month to prepare to be cooped up for two months recovering.

18. Stuff around the house, and friends who had to cancel last week are coming over for a hot tub tonight.

19. Church. Meeting about the 50th anniversary of Faith celebrations. Changing directions with the book. Not sure how I feel about that. May not be enough time.

20. Dental appointment, and forms to police department. This week I work four twelves. Tired just thinking about it.

21.   Good night at work. I’m feeling more competent.

22.  Another cold snap. They call it a polar vortex. When I was a kid, they just called it winter in Canada.

23.  One of the other regular night nurses is also a believer. It’s nice to be able to share things with her.

24. After four nights, the next evening is pretty much wasted. Oh well, I have my books and my crocheting. Books and yarn make me happy.

25. I would have liked to hibernate today, but I had to get my pre-op bloodwork and paperwork completed and dropped off. Then laundry and cooking. I also made a tomato soup for tomorrow. I think I’ll make grilled cheese with it.

26.   Woke up with a sinus cold. Stayed home from church. Can’t be sick for work since I only have three weeks to go before surgery.

27.  Shovelled snow this morning. Good enough job, but my perfectionist ways make me disappointed in myself if I can’t scrape it down to the pavement, but the biting wind sent me inside.

28. What a night! Our secretary is off this week and the surgical charts were not prepared. You often don’t realize how good a job someone does until they’re not there to do it.

29. Another crazy night. Thankfully my last this week. Sent off another article to be published for Barnabas magazine. This one is a little longer and more of a devotional piece.

30. Friends coming from out of town for a night. Woke up to do five loads of laundry and clean my house. Refreshments and hot tub.

31. Visited with our Sarnia friends today, then napped. My husband, whom I love when he cleans my floors, like yesterday, earned extra points for giving me a lovely massage. Now time to get to work on my message for next week’s Women of Faith meeting. Still no idea on a topic.

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