Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Journalling

1.     I don’t seem to tolerate medications well. The new drug they were trying to switch me to, because of the side effects of the last one, is much worse. I started to have involuntary muscle clenching of my jaw. It started after three doses and by midnight it was closing my jaw like a drawbridge, up for one minute, down for one minute, for an hour, then it came less frequently, but lasted longer, up to five minutes, and then seven minutes at the longest. My mouth wouldn’t open and my teeth would grind. At first, since I didn’t know the cause, I considered calling an ambulance. It was very distressing and I was crying and feeling panicky. Thankfully, my daughter was awake and she looked up the side effects of the drug and when we saw that this could happen, she helped me breathe through it. Needless to say, I never want to see that medication again.

2.    I was hoping to do twelve hour shifts this week, but it looks like I’m doing three eight hour shifts of paperwork. The meeting with occ health is delayed till Wednesday.

3.    I’m kind of nervous about going back to patient care.

4.    On my way to the occ health meeting today, the GO train stopped at Eglinton because of debris on the tracks. When the doors opened, I saw one last cab. My doors opened right at the stairs and I ran as fast as I could hobble and had him drive me to the subway. When I got there, another delay on that train had me arrive ten minutes late for my meeting. I called once and left a message, but when I called back to update, my phone was dead. After all that, I was told I could work full time, but it had to be three weeks of days to prove myself, then I could go back to nights. I would have to work 11 to 11 in the day; worst shift ever! But I smiled and agreed to do it.

5.   Oh. My. Goodness. This is a horrible shift. It doesn’t help that it came at the end of three short shifts, or that it’s my first week. Also, I was buddied with another nurse so it was hard since I didn’t have any clear idea of what was expected of me. Next week I’ll take my own assignment.

6.   So happy to see the weekend! Heading to London tomorrow, to our Finnish family Christmas. Lots of food, of course.

7.   Always nice to come home again.

8.   Week two of full time hours, modified duties. Not so bad. I may get through this.

9.   Trying to begin my Christmas decorating, but it’s hard to do with these hours. Also, I can’t make dinner for my family, so they’re managing without me.

10. Today was the union Christmas party.

11.   Happy to see the end of my work week. Today was difficult, especially the last five hours, then a delay on the subway made me take an alternate route. But no matter how late I get home, I watch the recorded episode of Jeopardy. You know you’re old and set in your ways when…

12.   I don’t usually talk about these things, but I’m so excited that this is probably my last period. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. I know there’ll be trade-offs, but for today, I am happy.

13.   Tonight we had my unit’s Christmas party at a Cuban salsa club and restaurant. That included a 45 minute salsa class. I watched but didn’t take part in it. I did dance a bit, but it was a lot for me. Still fun to be out with my co-workers in a different setting. Of course, my usual date was with me.

14.    Today our friend, Leah is getting married. She is forty and has been waiting for this day her whole life. We’ve been waiting for it with her and are so happy God brought Glen into her life.

15.  Guest preacher today. He spoke from the book of Daniel and it reminded me of my husband telling bedtime stories to our daughters when they were young. For the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego he’d make the sounds of all the instruments that signalled the people were to drop.

16.   Third week of full time work; four twelves this time. Still on the crappy 1100-2300h shift. I’m X-ing off the days as I do them.

17.   Christmas is sneaking up on me, and I have no gifts purchased, no tree, and no turkey.

18.    Urology day. I hate urology day. Very stressful shift.

19.     Last day, and the complete opposite of yesterday. Also, we did a gift exchange with my co-workers. The nurse who drew my name said, “Yes, the easiest person!” I got a Chapters gift card. I guess they know me. Yay! I did it! I survived working three weeks of full time hours. Now I am off for 17 days, maybe 24 if my vacation gets approved.

20.     So nice to sleep in. Laundry and Christmas shopping. At the Christian bookstore, I may have bought a few extra books. Then stopped to buy some yarn. Aaah, books and yarn make me happy. Pizza for dinner. Friday is a no-cook day.

21.    My mom cooked both cabbage and turnip the other day. Though she warned us in advance, still surprised the smell lingered so long. I hope it disappears before Christmas day. Cleaning and shopping. Hope we get our tree and turkey today.

22.   An ice storm started last night. Our youngest drove up to Orangeville with friends and now may have to stay there. Our church services were cancelled today. Thousands without power. It’s strange to be home from church. Trying to get things done while we still have power.

23.     I went to the dentist to get fitted for a mouth guard to stop the jaw clenching which makes my headaches even worse. Toronto’s ice storm may mean that many cannot cook their Christmas dinner. Last night my brother-in-law and his wife came over. They’re just a few blocks away and they are without power. They came over to warm up with some tea, and charge their phones. We offered our guest room, but they declined. They may come over to cook on Christmas Eve. We’re at my sister’s house then, so it’s not a problem.

24.    Deep fried turkey at my sister’s house. It’s so good. A 25 pound turkey cooked in 90 minutes.

25.  Hosted today. Tired. We had a gift exchange and I got a big, warm, soft blanket.

26.  Two couples came over for hot tubbing. My husband and another friend rolled in the snow. Who’s the Finn in this family?

27.  Still over 25,000 without power. Isn’t it ironic that we never lost power and I’m more prepared for emergencies than the average person.

28.     Pajama day. Prepped the Jeopardy categories. I like doing this kind of thing.

29.   Nice to be back at church. Full house, but there were no babies so I didn’t have to go into the nursery. I also had to throw out almost everything in the fridge at church since the power was out for four days.

30.   Well, this first year of journaling this way is done. I like it. It’s doable and so I think I’ll continue into next year. Also, I picked up a mouth guard so hopefully my headaches won’t be so bad.

31.  Dinner and games at church tonight. I hope the new year will be better than this past one. I can honestly say I’m not sad to see this year end. My daughter kept a jar of positive events that happened, and re-reading them encouraged her again and reminded her that many good things happened and life was good. I think I’ll try that for this year. Also, just found out that I get next week off as well. That's 24 days off!  Woot! Woot!

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