Friday, December 13, 2013

November Journalling

      1.     Actually saw some of my neighbours have their Christmas lights up already.  
2.     Went to a lingerie shower for a friend today. I bought lingerie, of course, and included a gag gift of a honeymoon survival kit. I can’t tell you what was in it, though.

3.     My husband is fishing this weekend. Life is so different around here. I am in flannel pajamas, the clocks won’t get reset until he returns, and my daughter has to show me how to set the alarm. I know I sound inept, but he’s an enabler. Princesses are made, not born.

4.     I’m working two- six hour evenings, paperwork only, then I have a few tests to find out what’s going on with my leg, hopefully. I have an EMG (electro-myelogram ) on Wednesday, and an MRI of my lower spine on Friday.

5.     Work was okay. My back gets sore by the fourth hour and I have a constant headache, but I feel I accomplish something. I prepped two rounds, ten categories of Bible Jeopardy for the Women of Faith Christmas brunch.

6.     I went for my EMG and nerve conduction tests today. My mom kindly drove me downtown. The parking cost $28 for three hours! Isn’t that ridiculous? Also, the test was unpleasant. They zap your muscles with electrical shocks and then poke you with needles. Not fun. In unrelated news, the doctor told me I had scoliosis and one leg shorter than the other. See, if you get enough tests done, you find out all kinds of things about yourself. I wonder if that’s why when I stand up to sing, after a few seconds of standing straight, I kind of throw my weight over to my left side. Probably because of that.

7.     Another strange thing yesterday was the doctor who examined me came in wearing gloves, then he went to wash his hands. I thought he removed his gloves, washed and then put on a new pair. Instead he washed his hands while the old gloves were still on. Very strange. They’re not expensive gloves, I’m sure he could change them. In other news, we’re eating some of the fish my husband brought home. He got five trout and filleted them himself. Time to get writing. It’s been about two weeks since I worked on my book.

8.     My third MRI of the year. I expected they would do just the lower spine, but they did the entire spine, so I was in the tube for forty minutes. In spite of the noise, even with ear plugs and headphones, I managed to fall asleep.

9.     Today I cleaned a bit, and relatives visited. I was prepping a Bible Jeopardy game for the Women of Faith and was just putting the finishing touches on it. I’ll need to buy some bells of some time, for the contestants to ring in.

10.   I went to the doctor and the tests from last week were generally okay, no cause found for the leg weakness. That leaves all my strange symptoms to the documented side effects of Lyrica. So she plans to wean me off it and change to another drug. I must admit, I’m afraid the facial pain will return, but I’d be happy not to have this limp, or the stabbing pain in my thighs, or the anxiety, or the backache, headache and anemia.

11.   Lest we forget.

12.  I got our Christmas letters printed today. I plan on a stress free Christmas season, so I’m not even sending cards, just the letter, and most will be hand delivered. I’ll do what I did last year and decorate the house one day, and leave the tree purchase and decorating for mid-December.

13.   I’m getting better at work, my stamina is improving. I’ve been so de-conditioned by this year’s illness and time off work, but I’m slowly remembering how to do my job; the paperwork, at least.

14.  A home day, since my mom’s car is getting its winter tires. I did some laundry, reading and crocheting, mostly to procrastinate. I must write. It’s been a week or two since I’ve done any serious work on my book.

15.   I went for a bone density test. The usual; a lazy day. No energy. Reading and crocheting.

16.  More laziness, a little cleaning, a nap. More writing.

17.  A providential dinner after church today, and a wedding shower for the pastor’s daughter and her fiancé. A very long day, and now I have no inclination to do anything of significance.

18.   I had a meeting before work today with Occupational Health, my manager, a union rep and me. It’s about my return to work plan. I need to go back to the doctor to get a more detailed plan for December, but November is as planned. Work was good tonight.

19.   My back was really hurting this evening at work.

20.  I have made two crib size baby blankets. I may bring them to a crisis pregnancy centre nearby as Christmas gifts.

21.   Prepping to go to the SGF Annual Asssembly on Friday and Saturday in Grimsby. We’ll be staying in a motel nearby. There are four couples going from our church. I think I’m going to be exhausted because Friday will be a long day, at least eight hours.

22. Hearing updates from our sister churches and other ministries is as encouraging as salvation testimonies.

23. Napped when we came home from Grimsby.

24.  Our computer literally disintegrated in front of us. Not a good time of year for a big purchase, but I need it. So we’re planning to use the cash I’ve set aside over the year to purchase it, so we don’t need to charge it.  No new debt is nice, but I would have liked to use it for the party I was planning for my fiftieth birthday. I guess I’ll just start over.

25.  Working my usual 8 hour shifts of paperwork. I’m getting into a routine with it and I’m getting faster.

26.   I’m hooked on Jeopardy. Always happy when I know some obscure answers, like the name of the first submarine; the Hunley.

27.   I’m beginning to recognize snow clouds. You’d think so after half a century in Canada.

28.  Doctor’s appointment today, authorizing me to increase to full time hours, but with modified duties. Don’t know how I’m going to do it, but I have to try work hardening. Also trying to change some of my meds.

29.   We had the Elders, Deacon’s and wives Christmas dinner at a restaurant tonight. It’s nice when none of us have to do the work. No stress. New and improved holiday season.

30.  We had the Women of Faith Christmas brunch today. We played a round of Jeopardy that I made and a silly balloon game. My message was on Jesus, the God-Man and then we ate lots of food. In the evening we attended a dinner party with two other couples and they had a seafood theme. Lots of fun, but I was worn out early.



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