Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Journalling

1.What did you read today? Betrayal by Robin Lee Hatcher. I can always be sure of a good read when I buy any of her books.

2. Third and final shift this week. I know they are only four hours long, but with my commute, I’m gone from home for eight hours. Those are long days when I still have no energy and my leg is bothering me from overworking it. However, I’m happy to be back at work even in that capacity (doing paperwork). I feel like it helps them out somewhat and I can train my brain to concentrate for four hours at one sitting. I got a call from my doctor saying the results of my bloodwork are in, but I won’t hear until the 16th when I see her again. I fear my iron is still low, in spite of more than a month of treatment. It feels that way, anyway.

3. Lazy day, mostly exhausted from work. All I accomplished was laundry, dinner and a nap. Now I will attempt to write for a few hours. Here goes.

4. Accomplished some writing. I wrote the scene where David and Bathsheba’s baby died. Hard to write through tears.

5. Women of Faith meeting this morning. Twelve women. I spoke on Mephibosheth and also on Jesus as the Bread of Life. In the evening we visited my husband’s brother and his wife.

6. Church today. Our Pastor and his wife are back from their three month sabbatical. We had refreshments after the evening service to welcome them back, but I found the day took a lot out of me. Five hours in the morning and four in the evening.

7. I had three fillings replaced. As Owl City says, “I’ve been to the dentist a thousand times, so I know the drill.” Now off to work. I’m exhausted already.

8. Work was better yesterday. I finished quite a lot of work in my four hours and went home with a sense of accomplishment, even if it’s just paperwork.

9. My mental stamina and concentration is improving, if not my physical stamina.

10. While the new Toronto subways are nice, I can think of three drawbacks. One: if there was a fire, the smoke would quickly fill the one long car because there is no way to compartmentalize it. Two: maybe I watch too much t.v., but if there was a shooter, he could just walk the length of the train and do his worst. Three; if you are being harassed, you can’t just exit the car at the next station and step into the next car to get away from him; since there is just one long car. Just my observations.

11. Went to see Gravity with my usual date. I don’t usually like space movies, but it was more about astronauts than anything sci-fi. It was IMAX 3-D and I found the edges and falling a little distressing. Lots of action, though. They did the usual kill-off-the-person-of-colour-first thing, though.

12. Busy day cleaning, shopping for running shoes for work, and trying to come up with some dessert for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving dinner. Blueberry crumble pie or something new? My daughter is also bringing pumpkin cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting.

13. Thanksgiving dinner at my husband’s cousin’s home. Always extra thankful when someone else does the cooking. I’ll probably be hosting Christmas dinner this year.

14. Washing windows today, with family’s help. Not a fan of climbing ladders.

15. We're not called on to be thankful FOR all things, but IN every circumstance.

16. I am getting niggling ideas on how this book can turn into a series of at least three books on David’s Mighty Men.

17. Good writing day yesterday. I wrote a scene where my protagonist kills a giant. I’m not an expert on hand to hand combat, but that can get fixed during revisions, I guess. Went to the doctor today to get blood results and plan how much I’ll work in the next few weeks. My iron is still low and I have mono. At least that explains why I had a sore throat and exhaustion three weeks ago, before I started work. I think the mono is gone, but I can’t understand why my ferritin is still so low even after two months of supplements. Also we don’t have a cause for it. Sigh.

18. Eye appt. today. Also my mom is heading to London for a few days to help out my aunt who is having surgery. She is going by train, to leave her car for us. Isn’t that kind of her?

19. I looked up the side effects of iron deficiency anemia; slowly progressing weakness/tiredness, headache, feeling grumpy, and difficulty thinking/concentrating. Explains the daily headache the last two weeks.

21. What is your most prized possession?
              My library. I would cry if I lost it in a fire.

22. Work is okay when I get there, but I’m trying to do too much before work.

23. Jeopardy is my new addiction.

24. Five day weekend, and I don’t even mind that it includes two doctor’s appointments. Running errands today. Sauna tonight.

25. Climbing Sushi Mountain today for dinner. House is clean for our Crit Group meeting tomorrow.

26. Met with Faithful Writers this morning. We may do this on-line. Two of us are almost done our books, so we’re moving to a different stage of revising, proofreading and editing. We may just help each other out. The other four can’t make it because of their schedules and often don’t have writing to critique, but as long as there’s at least one crit partner, we’re good. We’re both writing the same genre of Biblical, historical fiction, but hers is sub-categoried as YA, or Young Adult.

27. Church today. My husband is teaching the adult class this month. This evening we have new missionaries presenting.

28. Gyne appt. today. So we decided a hysterectomy was the best option for me. I don’t have a date yet, but probably in the next month or two.

29. My youngest had a great day. 90% and 93% on two papers she wrote, and she scored in the 88th percentile on her LSAT exams. That’s the Law School Admissions Test. That means she is in the top 12% of all those who have written it in Canada and U.S. in the past three years. Pretty amazing.

30. I worked two six-hour shifts this week. It takes a lot out of me. Now I have a four day weekend. I need it. I’ve been talking with occ. Health and I’m getting a little concerned that I’ll run out of sick benefits. In order to refresh the bank, I’d have to work full time hours for three weeks. I know I’m not ready for that, but I wonder how we’ll manage if my income is only EI, which would be half of what I bring home now.

31. It’s Reformation Day! On October 31st, 1517, an obscure German monk posted 95 points for theological discussion, sparking the Protestant Reformation. He turned the world upside down. Martin Luther nailed it!

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