Monday, November 30, 2015

Re-root Canal

November Journaling

1.    It’s strange to be at church without my husband. He’s still fishing. My mom is here this weekend helping to clean out closets because I have no energy. She also baked her famous ginger snaps while I mostly watched.

2.   Back at the pain clinic for the injections to my face, neck and back. I must admit, the one into my temple is the most disturbing, but it keeps the pain away in my head and neck for ten weeks, so no complaints.

3.   Women’s Bible study. We’re still in Genesis, talking about Jacob’s ladder and wrestling with God.

4.   Back to the dentist today to remove the last mercury fillings out of my mouth and fixing a cracked filling. It’s a lot in one day, but then it’s done.

5.   Going downtown to an appointment with a special physiotherapist who works with people who have Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS. Talk about moving slowly; my heart rate can’t go over 105, only anaerobic exercise, only for two minutes, then rest for six minutes, and pace myself.

6.   Another treatment at the Naturopath. Finding it helpful, but it’s hurting my bank account.

7.   My mom came over to purge closets and bake cookies. I’m supervising. Also, my husband is on a retreat for the men from church. It’s in Niagara Falls.

8.   Church and nap. Filling out forms for insurance company and notes for all the things I need to ask the doctor tomorrow.

9.   Doctor’s appointment today.

10.  Bible study in the morning and Cope with Hope in the evening. One of our best ones; I think we’re getting more comfortable with each other. We learned about PTSD, exercise and the Bible study was More Precious than Gold. We’re going to wrap it up; it’s run its course, so the December meeting will be a Christmas get together.

11. Remembrance Day. Our grandson is coming over for three nights.

12. Another specialist. Some improvement. Suggested a $400 test.

13.  Yet another specialist. More improvement. Also ordered more supplements and treatments. I can’t afford all this. I spend at least $1000 out of pocket each month after OHIP and my husband’s insurance. I want to get better but honestly…

14. Horrible events in Paris yesterday. What wickedness in our world!

15.  We had lunch at the home of a couple from church. Nice, but too exhausting for me.

16.  Naturopath appointment today. She commented that I have a good team around me, and she’s right. I guess there has been some benefit from having 3-5 medical appointments per week.

17.  Bible study this morning. We just finished Genesis. I love that book. I wish we could have gone through it a little more in-depth.

18.  Another treatment. I hate not having the energy to even clean my house. My poor husband has had to take on so much, and he’s got a lot of stress already with his job. The most I can manage is an appointment and supper or a load of laundry.

19.  Had to trek downtown, which I hate, to go to a dental specialist to re-do my root canal. My tooth has been hurting for months, and it’s my one constant daily pain, in spite of my pain medications and nerve blocks.

20. Our grandson is staying overnight while my daughter and her husband get away. Now I see why people have children when they’re young and healthy.

21. My editor is sending chapters back for me to revise, but my brain isn’t working too well. Fibro fog.

22. Treatment.

23.  Bible study, beginning the book of Exodus.

24. Chiropractor appointment.

25. Double treatment today. Also, my root canal has healed and doesn’t hurt. Now I just need to get the temporary filling replaced with a permanent one next week.

26.  Our eldest is 25 today. She’s such a beautiful, sweet and intelligent woman. She also chose a wonderful husband and gave us our grandson.

27.  Rest day. I wish I had more of these. So tired.

28.   Women’s Ministry meeting today and dinner at a friends’ tonight. I hope I’m okay. Last time the lights and noise overwhelmed me and I had to hide away in a dark room for a while.

29.  Our youngest heard she will be working as an intern overseas next summer. It’s at the ICTY (International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia) which is a criminal court. It’s in the field she wants to work in. We’re so proud of her.

30.  Treatment appointment today. Our Finnish side of the family is meeting in London next weekend. I love to see my family, but I find social events too taxing on me. But I’ll be happy to see our grandson again.

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