Friday, January 1, 2016


December Journaling

1.  Sunday. Nice to be in church.

2.  Our eldest had an interview for a Social Work job. Her mat leave ends in February. Sad, another mass shooting, this time in California.

3. Treatment, and also trying to finish up my summary of the book of Genesis for Tuesday.

4. Packing to go to London tomorrow for our Finnish side of the family’s Christmas. I hope I can handle the crowds, noise, lights. Happy to be seeing our grandson.

5.Pikku-Joulu, which means Little Christmas.

6. Home from London.

7.  Appointments.

8. Rest day. I need to recover.

9. Appointment.

10.  Appointments. So tired.

11. Took the train to babysit my grandson this evening while my daughter and son in law went to a Christmas party. He’s so adorable. I’ll post a picture of Disco Benny. Pointing is his new thing. He’s also pulling himself to stand, cruising on furniture and able to stand independently for short periods. He also said, “All done” today. We all looked around and said, “Did you hear that, too?”

12.  Returned from visiting my grandson. Exhausted. Our daughter is home from Law school, although she still has one take home exam the day before Christmas Eve.

13. We got our real Christmas tree today, my husband and daughter picked it out. We’ll decorate in a day or so. We had our church Christmas program this evening. Short and sweet.

14. I read an article from the Toronto Star on sex trafficking. Beyond sad, and so prevalent in Ontario.

15. My mom is coming over to bake more cookies. I just watch.

16. I had to go downtown for an appointment with my tenth specialist this year. He was a fibromyalgia specialist and after he assessed me, he suggested I keep doing what I’m doing.

17.  Appointments. I’m going to take a break from them for two weeks.

18. A day off. Decorating our tree and baking cookies.

19. So much violence in Toronto this past month.

20. Church. A three hour nap. So tired.

21. My mom came by to bake cookies and make lasagna for a Maternity home. I watched. She also cleaned my fridge and a few other things. So helpful. I feel so useless. Also I went for an ultrasound.

22. Grocery shopping, so that means a rotisserie chicken from there for dinner. I can’t do both.

23. Our daughter wrote her final exam today, from home. Eight hours. Now she can relax.

24.  Christmas Eve or Joulu in Finnish. We will be celebrating at my sister’s house. My daughter is going to miss it because she has to help out our other daughter because she’s replacing someone who was scheduled to sing at church because the woman’s father in law died.

25. Today is Christmas Day and we’re going to my brother-in-law’s home. We do a gift exchange. Our grandson will be staying over tonight.

26. A day off.

27. Church.

28. Very concerned about abdominal and back pain. Even with fibro, which is random pain everywhere, this is in a few specific spots constantly. And my abdomen is bloated and keeps growing. I’m also nauseous. Trying not to get into my worst-case-scenario mode, but something is definitely wrong. My doctor should get the ultrasound report soon.

29. I purged and shredded 30 years’ worth of household bills.

30. So uncomfortable. What’s wrong with me, other than the usual?
31.New Years’ Eve at home with my husband. Relaxed is our new normal.

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