Friday, January 29, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

January Journaling

1. Not quite a rousing start to the New Year. My husband was sick and slept till 2 p.m., my daughter undecorated the Christmas decorations for me, and I finished cleaning out a closet before I had a two hour nap. Yeah, always a party happening here!

2. I only read twenty five books last year. I fondly recall my year of seventy five books. Brain fog has made all the difference. Went for dinner at our brother-in-law’s house.

3. You know how people choose a word and it sets the course for the year? I don’t usually do that, but for some reason the word, Heaven keeps popping up. Should I be concerned? Does it mean I’ll be going there this year, or I just need to meditate on my future destination more?

4.  My mom came over for a few days and so far she’s cleaned out my spice cupboard and pantry. So nice. I’ll post a picture.

5.  Chiropractor appointment. She uses this laser which helps with some of my pain.

6.  Doctor’s appointment today, to get the results of my ultrasound. No super serious issues, but they need to repeat it because I may have gall stones.

7. They repeated my ultrasound today and apparently I have a few gallstones. I don’t know yet what the plan will be.

8.  Women’s ministry breakfast today.

9. Trying to read through the Bible in addition to the Bible studies I’m doing with the ladies. Busy week of appointments coming up.

10. More injections into my face, scalp and neck for pain control. It lasts ten weeks. They do about thirty injections. This time some of them hurt, but I keep thinking about the long term gain.

11.  Weird. For some reason I thought of my friend’s dad in Sault Ste. Marie. I hadn’t seen him for decades. Then we got a call that he died that day.

12. Naturopath appointment.

13. Three medical appointments today. One of them made me vomit. Yeah, not nice.

14.I went to babysit my grandson today so my daughter could get stuff done. Of course I had help, my mom came over with me. And I needed to nap two hours while there. But so nice to see him. He’s almost one year old.

15. So uncomfortable. Yet I don’t see my doctor for another week.

16. Really? First a parade, then a whole week, and now they’re planning a month. Ridiculous. Even people who died for our country only get one day of recognition.

17.Dental appointment today.

18. I cancelled my appointments for the rest of the week. I can’t.

19. My daughter and grandson came to stay over for two nights. I love having him here, but I need two hour naps each day.

20. Our little grandson loves animal noises, especially bumblebees buzzing.

21.I went to my doctor today. The plan is to get a surgical consult about my gallstones. Sigh.

22. I wonder how long it’ll be before I can get to see the surgeon. My gallstone pain happens almost daily.

23. Really exhausted. I nap all the time and climbing a flight of stairs is hard. I feel like I’m wearing a suit of armour. So discouraging since I had been improving recently.

24. Our grandson had his first birthday party today. He’ll be one in a week. He had sugar for the first time with his carrot cake and he was buzzing. He’s so cute.

25. I’ve accepted the leadership of the Women’s Ministry team at church for two years. I think I can manage it only because there is a team to help and also the retreat is planned by another group of women.

26.  I’m cancelling even my medical appointments. I just can’t.

27. I’ll be seeing the surgeon February 11th. I hope I don’t get a gallstone attack before then.

28. Pajama day. Don’t show up at my door. You’ve been warned.

29. I have lots to do but I’m pinned to the couch in pain.

30.  I need to vent. I didn't realize how well my pain was controlled till it came back. Yep, I hate it just as much as before.

31.  Feeling disappointed and a little angry. CPP disability denied my claim. They seem to think my pain is completely gone and I can work. Yeah, right.

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