Monday, August 1, 2016

Kitchen update

 July Journaling

1.   Quiet Canada Day at home. Had a sauna, then a two hour nap.  What was it like to be productive?

2.  Another quiet day with just my husband and me. Ran a few errands and he bbq’d some steaks.

3.  Made homemade fruit juice bars with strawberries and cane sugar. One of the few sweets I can have.

4.  Happy 4th of July to my American family and friends, and happy July 4th to the Canadians.

5.  The kitchen island was delivered and assembled. Waiting on the counter, doors, and hardware.

6.  Went to see my grandson, along with my mom. He’s starting to have separation anxiety and was reaching for me when he realized I was leaving.

7. Got my hair trimmed then spent the day waiting for a courier to drop off the hardware for my new cupboard doors.

8.  A friend and her two daughters came by to visit, from out west. The house is upside down with the kitchen reno so I had to take them out for meals. After they left I was useless.

9.     Our grandson came to stay overnight. He’s so much fun.

10.Our grandson came to church with us today. When he leaves I already miss him.

11. Massage today.

12.The cupboards are on and I can start putting things back. My mom came over to help me.

13. Visiting my grandson. So cute that even if he doesn’t have the words, he can communicate. When he sees my husband isn’t with me, he says, Pappa, and pretends to hold a phone to his ear and says hi. So we call him.

14. The painter was supposed to come for a quote but cancelled for the second time. Three strikes and I’ll go with another company, even though he did a good job on two rooms last year.

15. Still waiting on a company to paint our kitchen.

16. My husband is on vacation for two weeks.

17. I went to a third pain clinic, hopefully this will yield some results.

18.  We went to Elim Lodge, where our women’s retreat was held. The speaker there was a man who spoke at our men’s retreat so my husband knew him already. He and his son both teach at Heritage seminary. We heard four messages on the Minor Prophets. They were excellent. We learned so much.

19. Relaxing day, we went to a nearby beach to read, and then ate dinner at a hole in the wall restaurant in a small town overlooking the Trent-Severn  waterway.

20. Home.

21. Beach day, just my husband and I. He’s beginning to relax.

22. Visiting our grandson.

23.  A garage sale at our church. We sold about a third, then dropped off the rest at Value Village.Then a nap, and we have tickets to a TFC game.

24.Going to Cambridge to visit another church and see some friends.
25.Crashed. Did too much the last few days, so my husband could enjoy his holiday.

26. It’s our 30th anniversary today. Still happy. We’re downtown for two nights.

27. We were going to go to the Ripley’s aquarium, but the lineup was long and we had already walked from the subway, so we went to a Jays’ game instead. We’ve been wanting to see San Diego and this was the first series against them. I needed shade so we got great seats behind home plate and enjoyed it even though they lost.

28. Our daughter’s family came over and we babysat so they could go to a movie. My husband went to a movie by himself last night because I can’t tolerate the lights and sounds anymore. Our grandson was playing with the hose.

29.The American election is a no-win situation. Ahab or Jezebel.

30.  Such distressing news about a woman who aborted one twin for convenience here in Toronto. Our country is ripe for judgment.

31.   Went to church in Newcastle today. Such a good message and a very friendly church.

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