Monday, September 19, 2016

New Grandbaby on the Way

August Journaling
   1. My husband’s last day of vacation until the end of August. We picked up our grandson to stay over for two nights. His babysitter is taking vacation. He’s 18 months old today
2.   My mom is coming over to help me look after our grandson.
3.   My grandson said, Belly button, then lifted my top and gave me a raspberry. I couldn’t stop laughing. How does he know to do that?
4.   Great news. Our daughter is pregnant again. She’s 13 weeks along and will be due in February so the kids will be two years apart. We’re so excited. She had a lot of morning sickness again, and our grandson mocks her. He stands over the toilet and makes retching noises. The little stinker.
5.   Bought some accessories in the accent colour for the kitchen, as well as curtains, which have to be hemmed. Just measuring and pinning them was too much for me.  I used to be able to sew and clean and decorate. Now I can barely do anything. I feel the loss of my old self every day.
6.   Bought some barstools for the island and my husband put them together.
7.   Such an encouraging message at church this morning. We know how the story ends.
8.   Watching the Olympics.
9.  Watching my grandson. No extra walking today. I tried the other day and a few blocks nearly killed me, plus their brand new building doesn’t even come with an elevator. I could cry when I look up two flights.
10. Our daughter had her second ultrasound today. The baby looks healthy and active. We won’t find out the sex till it’s born. They want to be surprised, too. I agree. That’s what we did. We stopped in a pet store and my grandson loved looking at the pets, especially the fish.
11. Sending a final appeal for CPP disability.  Also my daughter in Holland heard back about her articling interviews.
12. So far no improvement from my new medication. Our daughter’s family is here tonight because of a friend’s wedding.
13. Missing our youngest daughter who is in Holland for another five weeks. She’s starting to feel homesick, too. She’s also travelling throughout the Netherlands. She and the other Canadian interns had lunch at the Canadian embassy and met the Ambassador.
14. Naturopath appointment, then off to my daughter’s overnight.
15.  My grandson loves to dance.
16. Worn out from my grandson. Now packing to go to the Carey conference. Each year we go we try to make it more low-key. Simple meals or eating out, naps every day, no pressure to visit with people.
17. Dental appointment and haircut.
18.  Last day to pack. Also bringing my blueberry pie. The easiest pie in the world, and expected by all our friends.
19.  Baked my famous blueberry pie, using cane sugar and organic flour and butter, so I can have some, too.
20. Off to the Carey conference. Thankful my mom is going as well.
21. Great preaching, as usual, and nice to reconnect with old friends. Heard that our daughter fainted in the middle of singing on stage at church. Her husband and friend-nurse ran up to see how she was. Then her midwife came with cupcakes and checked on her bp and the baby’s heartrate. I guess the whole church knows she’s pregnant now since they had to tell everyone she’s ok, just pregnant. Her blood pressure and blood sugar were low.
22.Three hour nap today, yet I’ll still sleep eight hours at night.
23. I wasn’t able to nap today for as long as usual, so I can’t make it to this evening’s session. A friend had a medical emergency and they called me to assess her. A little hard to do since I have no equipment with me, but she was better by the time I got there and she was going into town to the urgent care centre just to be on the safe side.
24. We’re leaving early from the conference, after this evening’s session. First time in 24 years we’ve done that, but we need a day to rest and unpack before we go to visit my brother-in-law for his 50th birthday.
25. I miss my grandson but probably can’t see him for a week, so we talked to him on the phone.
26.  Our youngest daughter is 24 today. She’s still in Holland for another month. Miss her a lot.
27.  We went up to Muskoka to see where my brother-in-law and his wife have moved to take up a Pastorate. He gave up engineering to do this. They have a beautiful house on 50 acres.
28.  We went to their church today but he wasn’t preaching as they had Compassion there instead.
29.  Went back to a pain clinic to try to adjust the dose. The first one made me hallucinate.
30. They’re painting our kitchen/family room.
31. Painting is done and looks beautiful.

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