Friday, September 30, 2016

Eat More Bacon?

September Journaling

1.     Our grandson is 19 months old now. Our daughter’s second pregnancy is going well. Meeting with the Women’s Ministry team to plan our movie night.
2.     Grandson and daughter are here for the long weekend. Son-in-law is in the U.S. helping record a wedding.
3.     Grandson loves the sprinkler and eating fresh mint from our garden.
4.     Grandson came to church with us today.
5.     Barbecue for the holiday today.
6.     Ostepath appointment today.
7.     Family doc appointment today to fill out insurance forms and refill prescriptions. But I felt so exhausted and in pain I almost called in sick to the doctor’s appointment, and would have if I didn’t need to fill in the forms by a certain date.
8.     Recovering from the busy week.
9.     I was told yoga should help with balance issues. We’ll see.
10.Our church picnic at Darlington Provincial Park today. It drizzled but we had a shelter. Rain does a number on my pain.
11. Church today. Back to evening services, which they cancel over the summer. Also, a dear brother from church died this morning. We visited him last week and he was assured of his salvation and at peace. I feel almost jealous that he’s not suffering and in the presence of Jesus.
12. BOTOX injections today. While not pleasant, they do work to control some of my pain for 9/11 weeks. To distract myself I counted the injections. I used to think there were about 20 but there were 70!
13.  Massage this afternoon, then this evening, we showed the movie God’s Not Dead 2 for the Women’s Ministry kickoff. We had 30 women there. Unfortunately we had technical difficulties and had an impromptu intermission. We used it for discussion. I even told a joke. It was a great movie.
14. My grandson’s first sentence at 19 months was, “Eat more bacon?” A sign of things to come.
15. So far the new medication isn’t helping my pain.
16. We’re babysitting so our daughter and her husband can go out for dinner.
17. Attended the funeral of a man from our church. Christian funerals are so much different than others. We don’t sorrow as those who have no hope. Also, the gospel was preached so powerfully. One of the speakers was an MPP he used to be a driver for. Had to come home to rest part way through and then afterwards. It doesn’t help that it’s raining, which increases my pain.
18. Lunch at my mom’s between church services. Delicious ribs. Then a long nap. Welcome to my life.
19. Chiro appointment and grocery shopping then I napped for three hours to recover. So much pain and exhaustion. Sick and tired of being sick and tired.
20. Went to a new health care practitioner for food allergy testing.
21.Visiting my grandson and family.
22. Paperwork.
23.Bought a new wall clock and a painting for the family room. Now the reno is complete, just in time for our daughter to see the transformation.
24. Our daughter is returning from Holland today after five months interning at the ICTY, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. So happy to have her home for three months. Then she has one more semester of law school.
26. My daughter came shopping with me for some fall clothes. Even changing clothes takes so much out of me, I was spent. But I got a few nice things.
27. Spent the day recovering from yesterday and tying up loose ends by calling. Also set up my pills for the next two weeks, 80 a day just to maintain a 50% functioning level on a good day. I am so sick of pills and supplements, but imagine how bad I’d be without them. They also cost a small fortune. I also wanted to return an unused bottle to a company but they don’t refund money, only destroy the med, and I can do that. Too bad. It was over $100.
28.Visiting my grandson and letting my daughter sleep. She’s sick with a cold. Also my youngest got to see them again for the first time since returning from Holland.
29. Naturopath appointment today. Readjusting supplements.
30.  I got a call from a place where I thought I had sent some documents, and found I had only sent a letter saying I was including some documents, and of course, I hadn’t. A concrete example of the brain fog I’m trying to show them I have. Doh! One errand and I needed a two hour nap.

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