Sunday, December 3, 2017


November Journaling

1.      Busy week of appointments. My mom came over to bake her famous gingersnaps, but it’s more that she bakes and I watch.

2.      Such a busy morning with appointments, didn’t get back home till 2 p.m. and crashed for an hour and a half before I had to make dinner.

3.      Pain clinic today. Both my facial injections and back injections aren’t holding my pain as well anymore. Sigh. Long nap in the afternoon.

4.      A quiet Saturday. I didn’t go anywhere and I loved it. I had a quiet morning, then had a nap before making tacos for dinner. Then looked over my school plan for Monday.

5.      Church today.

6.      School today. My granddaughter has a fever so she slept more than usual. My daughter took her to the doctor and went to work later and came home earlier. So proud of my grandson who learned the difference between left and right today.

7.      Bible study this morning. Ladies’ planning meeting tonight.

8.      A quiet day.

9.      Massage this morning, then we’re going to a fundraising gala in Hamilton for the Pregnancy Help Centre our daughter works for.

10.   Chiropractor appointment today.

11.   Today is Remembrance Day. I happened to be in Costco buying glasses at the time and they played Taps instead of Last Post, maybe because it’s an American company.

12.   Sunday. It’s International day of the Bible and our Pastor happened to preach on Sola Scriptura. Dropped off a shoe box for Samaritan’s Purse. For a little church, we do pretty well. Had a three hour nap.

13.   School today. Since my daughter was off for the holiday, my mom didn’t come with me. She also got her winter tires on. We did an experiment with capillary action. He seems to like school. I was able to rest more in the afternoon since she was there for the baby.

14.   Bible study, also I dropped off a fellow fibro sufferer at an appointment. Then a long nap.

15.   Had my winter tires put on as well as new wiper blades. Then a long nap.

16.   Home day, catching up on paperwork and rest.

17.   Same as yesterday, also baked for tomorrow morning.

18.   Women’s ministry breakfast. I like doing it but I’m looking forward to the end in sight in May. It’s nice that there are only two year terms. Even with the team helping me, it’s an added burden on me.

19.   Church. He’s going through 1 John in the evening and continuing on the five solas in the morning. He finished the book of Daniel. It was so refreshing to hear a perspective other than pre-millennial dispensationalism.

20.    School today, on my own. For some reason I had a pretty good day. I’ll take it. Could be one of the supplements I started taking again; d-Ribose, which is a sugar known to help with M.E. So proud of my grandson. He learns so fast. He learned his address and is recognizing his upper and lower case letters. He also knows right and left and loves the science experiments we do. He also loves geography.

21.   Bible study. A few more weeks then the summary. In the New Year we’ll start on Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther. Then a nap and school prep.

22.   Home day. We got our furnace serviced. It snowed a bit today.

23.   Home day, baking cookies. Printed my Christmas letter.

24.   Pain clinic; it helps somewhat for my back pain, but not for my other pain, but hey, every bit of relief helps. Dropping off cookies to WINGS, a pro-life charity we support.

25.   Heading to London to celebrate Christmas with the Finnish side. Staying overnight.

26.   Came home after brunch in London.

27.   School today. My mom was with me. But my science experiment spilled in the bag and I got baby oil on all the papers I was planning to use, so we winged it instead. Extra tired today though.

28.   Bible study and a few errands.

29.   My husband took today off so we were able to get a bit of our Christmas shopping done. They caught some men who had been carjacking people in our neighbourhood and forcing them to drive to bank machines. There have been seven incidents in the past month.

30.   Dental appointment.

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