Sunday, December 31, 2017

Year End 2017

December Journaling

1.      My husband and I went out for dinner, but it ended up being over-priced and not too good.

2.      A rare Saturday at home, then our church Christmas gala. A little too long for me.

3.      Church today. Long nap.

4.      School day on my own.

5.      Home day. Worn out from yesterday. Long nap.

6.      Same as yesterday. Today is the 100th anniversary of Finland’s independence and also the 100th anniversary of the Halifax explosion.

7.      The anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Hot tub. Hoping I don’t belly flop into it like last time.

8.      Chiropractor then seeing my former co-workers because a nurse I’ve worked with for 10 years is retiring so this is her retirement and their work Christmas party too. I haven’t seen them in three years.

9.      Quiet day at home, laundry and reading, nap and MLS final, which TFC won. We’ve been following them since the beginning and manage one live game per year. Hot tub and take out Thai food.

10.   Church then seeing old friends. He was our best man. They live in the same neighbourhood and yet we only manage to see them once a year.

11.   School day with my mom.

12.   Bible study, injections to my face, and rest for two hours. I had a rare burst of energy, and today was a powdery snowfall of about five cm so I did the driveway for the first time in three years. I paid for it with a crash of pain and exhaustion later in the day.

13.   My sister in law’s birthday. Also, I had an appointment with my doctor to fill out forms for a tax credit. I pay so much out of pocket for my health, mostly for supplements and appointments with naturopaths, and for forms like today, $50. Hopefully I’ll be approved.

14.   Scrambling to finish the summary of Hebrews for Tuesday.

15.   My other pain clinic this morning, then babysitting this evening with my husband.

16.   Laundry. Long nap.

17.   Church, flanking a long nap.

18.   Last school day for a few weeks. We’ve only done 14 school days but my grandson has learned so much.

19.   Summary of Hebrews. They seemed to appreciate it. They paid for my lunch at Panera as a thank you.

20.   A quiet day at home, catching up on my Bible reading, napping, and cooking dinner.

21.   Last bit of shopping, to get ingredients for appetizers.

22.   My daughter bought my husband a TFC MLS Champions baseball cap. He’ll love it.

23.   Prepping some food. I’m making crab stuffed mushroom caps with real crab.

24.   My sister hosted dinner for our Finnish Christmas celebration.

25.   My daughter cooked her first turkey and hosted the family. She did a great job. So nice to see the grandkids two days in a row.

26.   We went to my son-in-law’s parents’ house for dinner. They are Egyptian and they own a restaurant so of course the food was delicious. Tired from all the celebrations though and looking forward to a few quiet days at home.

27.   Resting, catching up with my Bible reading.

28.   This year I read through the Bible chronologically with a guide from Through the Bible. I also read all the notes from my MacArthur study Bible and The Evidence Bible by Ray Comfort. Next year I’ll only read the text. It’ll be faster. I also studied Joshua, Judges, Ruth, and Hebrews in depth and wrote summaries of them all. In the New Year, our ladies’ Bible study will begin Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther with Precepts Bible studies.

29.   Another Christmas party this evening. Even with ear plugs, I find it overwhelming to my senses and I am always happy to get home to a quiet house.

30.   I’m thinking of trying out a new treatment/supplement in the new year, called Plexus. It can’t hurt and every little improvement makes life a little less bad.

31.   End of the year. I’m suffering much less than a year ago and definitely much less than three years ago when I stopped working, for which I’m thankful. I’ve been sick for five years now. Life sure has changed.

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