Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Winter Olympics

February Journaling

1.      Our grandson is three today! I mailed a card to him and he loved it so much he took it into his crib when he went to sleep. All alone tonight as my husband is at his Seminary course and my daughter is away for a long weekend. She needs the break. She’s working so hard she developed an ulcer.

2.      Home day.

3.      A nice Saturday. I started back at yoga. Then my husband came grocery shopping with me, which is always a help. Then we cooked cod for dinner.

4.      Church this morning, then headed to Oakville to celebrate the grandkids’ birthdays, they are two years and one week apart, so they’re destined to have their birthdays celebrated together for the foreseeable future.

5.      School day.

6.      Bible study. Also went to visit a previous Pastor’s wife who is now in a nursing home. We’ve known her for over 30 years. Her husband baptized me and married us.

7.      Massage and chiropractor. Costco, where I always spend more than I should. So tired.

8.      I think I’m getting sick. A shower was all I could manage today. Crashed on the couch. Not cooking today. Not up to yoga either.

9.      Tired but need to buy supplies for tomorrow morning’s women’s breakfast meeting.

10.   Women’s meeting. The speakers are representing which is a ministry protecting and helping women escaping sex trafficking.

11.   Church was cancelled today because of ice, but I think it was an overreaction. Also that meant no potluck and my husband had made so much jerk chicken. Oh well, more for us. I was going to stay home anyway as I’m sick with a cold I got from the grandkids.

12.   School day switched to Thursday this week as I’m still sick and need to recover. Also finishing up the summary of Ezra for next week.

13.   Bible study. Ezra done except for my summary next week.

14.   Getting the summary printed and doing my homework for Nehemiah.

15.   School day, on my own. The letter R and the story of Daniel in the lion’s den. My granddaughter started walking today.

16.   Prepping for guests tomorrow, with my mom’s help. Another school shooting, this one in Florida.

17.   Dinner party with three other couples. Keeping it simple. I’m not what I once was, but yes, I still eat even though I have chronic illnesses.

18.   Our granddaughter’s dedication service is today. Disappointed to hear that my application for a disability tax credit was denied. They have a very narrow view of disability and don’t even care what your diagnoses are.

19.   Family Day in Ontario. No school.

20.   Summary of Ezra, then lunch at Perkins to celebrate.

21.   Home day. Beginning homework on the book of Nehemiah.

22.   Watching the Olympics. If ski jumping was on my list, and it’s not, it would be last because I’d die.

23.   Pain clinic appointment. I’m going there every four weeks now. My daughter’s family is spending the night and they are going farther east to see friends for another night but leaving our grandson here. Yay!

24.   Our daughter stayed all weekend but her husband had to go away overnight Saturday. Exhausting but fun.

25.   Our grandson came to church with us today.

26.   School day. The letter S, the story of Jonah, and learning about skeletal bones.

27.   Bible study, errands, then Botox injections. I know I shouldn’t complain since the injections I get at the two pain clinics help a lot, but today I really felt each of the 70 needles to my face, scalp, and neck. I slept for two hours to try to recover. Also a pill prep day; I set them up for half a month at a time.

28.   A home day, reading. Made chicken and pasta soup for dinner.

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