Tuesday, April 3, 2018

A Year of Gratitude: March 2018

Today I am thankful for…

1.      Dental care every 3 months for 35 years. I still have my teeth.

2.      Movies to distract/entertain.

3.      Old friends; we easily pick up where we left off.

4.      The Bible.

5.      Time to study.

6.      The privilege of teaching the Bible.

7.      Fried fish.

8.      Yoga class, even when it’s hard to go.

9.      Coffee. I love coffee.

10.   Yoga pants.

11.   Freedom to worship.

12.   School; planting seeds with my grandson.

13.   A week off from school for March break.

14.   Pickled beets, which I made for the first time.

15.   Loyalty cards to pay for flights.

16.   Ability to rest/not work/recover/pace myself, which is the only “treatment” recommended for M.E.

17.   Prospect of travel this summer to see friends.

18.   Missionaries willing and able to go. Ironic that on St. Patrick’s Day we commissioned an Irish woman to go to Ireland for missions.

19.   Jerk chicken.

20.   School; doing fun things like making slime.

21.   Pajama days; don’t judge me.

22.   Appliances, especially my dishwasher.

23.   My daughter’s final day at work!

24.   My i-phone.

25.   Good preaching.

26.   25 school days so far.

27.   My mom’s 78th birthday.

28.   Spring cleaning done by someone else!

29.   Netflix. Just got it. Let the binge watching begin.

30.   Good Friday. L Christ died, for me! J

31.   Long weekend (for my family). My whole life is a long weekend.

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