Thursday, November 20, 2008

Finnish Comedian: Not an Oxymoron

Finns are known to be reserved, even a little stoic. Although they don't like to be made fun of, they can laugh at themselves. This past summer, at the Finnish Grand Festival, Finnjoy, held this year in Toronto, we attended a comedy play done by the Suomalainen Sisters, about three sisters; second-generation Finns who combined stories, jokes and songs to tell about life as a Finn in a new country.
They told about how our social custom, the sauna, weeded out potential suitors. Their Dad would take the poor young guy (usually a non-Finn) into the sauna the first time he visited, (naked, of course) and then outside to roll in the snow to cool off. (My husband has a similar story to tell, but he obviously wasn't scared off).
They also said, "Our father told us he loved our mother so much, he almost told her."

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