Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I liked that this was a World War One movie done from a Canadian perspective. There are so few movies about WW1 compared with WW2. This was a lengthy battle for Canadian soldiers. They did well to bring out the main feature of that particular battle: muck and rain.
The love story was okay. Not likely that a nurse would be addicted to morphine, or that she "gets over it" by just being held for awhile.
The brutality of the hand-to-hand combat with bayonets was enough to make me close my eyes more than once.
It would have been great to get a better sense of the soldiers' lives in the countries in which they fought. I think that came out much better in the actual WW1 footage they showed at the end of the movie. People stayed to watch that as the credits rolled. You look at the faces on the live footage, and you see people like us, and you wonder what they were thinking about.
It was sad that after so many lives were lost to win Passchendaele, it was so quickly and easily retaken.

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