Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gone Fishin'

Oct. 21, 2009

Outside my window...darkness. It's one a.m.
I am thinking...I wonder if my husband will go on his yearly fishing trip this weekend or if he'll back out and go house hunting instead. I wouldn't begrudge him this trip, but it's a long drive all by himself, and I'll miss him when he's gone.
I am thankful new laptop computer. Don't ask about the details. I only know it's a DELL, it's fast, and it's eggplant purple.
From the kitchen...chicken breasts, carrots and beans.
I am uniform. I'm at work.
I am reading...The Last Song, by Nicholas Sparks.
I am hoping... that we can get house hunting some time soon. The house I liked the most has been snatched up. You snooze, you lose, I guess.
I am co-worker tell her stories from the "old country", Czechoslovakia in the early days of communism.
Around the house...we had a man come and patch some cracks on our walls and remove the wallpaper in the bathroom to prepare for painting most of the rooms. Gotta get a MOVE on! On Sunday, we attended our neighbour's wedding. They are Indian Muslims. It was interesting and the food was good. We were especially honoured that they had us sit with them at the family table.
One of my favourite things...when things go smoothly. I spoke at our Ladies' Meeting on Saturday morning, on Radical Hospitality. I wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be. There were 15 ladies present. Good feedback and discussion. I'll edit my notes and post them here. I'm kind of hooked on it now and have already thought of another topic. I've written most of it, but have some more study to do, yet.
A few plans for the my third and fourth night shift, take my daughter to youth group, host her friends for a sleepover and then Medieval Times, clean closets and miss my husband. I'm such a baby.

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