Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness

Oct. 7, 2009.

Outside my window...darkness. It's a cool, autumn night.
I am thinking...that this book I'm reading has an interesting concept. To help her recover from a violent event that resulted in panic attacks, depression and agoraphobia, the character in the book, Stepping into Sunlight, decided to try to get her focus off herself and onto others, by searching out ways to show kindness to at least one person each day. She wasn't doing it for merit, but to break free of being self-absorbed. She would record it in a book and she slowly saw progress. I don't suffer from those things, but I know I can be self-centred. This book led to the development of the blog pennysproject.blogspot.com which has ideas of kind things to do for people. Since this weekend, I started recording the small things I did, i.e. writing a letter of encouragement to a soldier in Iraq, or having guests over who needed some ministering to, because of a wayward daughter. I found that I got back more than I gave. Funny how that is, eh?
I am thankful for...my Mom's apparent conviction of sin. She is close to the Kingdom, but still on the outside. Please pray for her if you think of it. Her name is Leena.
From the kitchen...chicken thighs and cauliflower. Nothing too exciting. Orchard fresh apples lovingly picked by my daughter last weekend. She also baked her first apple pie.
I am wearing...my uniform. I'm at work, after all.
I am reading...Stepping into Sunlight by Sharon Hinck.
I am hoping...that more survivors can be found after all the earthquakes, tsunamis and typhoons this week in the Pacific.
I am hearing...the sounds of a quiet night at work. Such a change from last night!
Around the house...we met with the Realtor and it looks like we'll go ahead and sell the house next Spring. We're meeting with the bank this week to establish our price range. Getting very excited!
One of my favourite things...having deep theological and philosophical discussions with my daughters. My youngest is taking a philosophy course and has to articulate her positions on the big issues of life.
Some plans for the week...finish work week, bank on Friday, clean on Saturday, Doctor's appointment and shopping for a dress for our neighbour's wedding, and then church and Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday at my Mother-in-Law's. I only have to bring dessert.

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