Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Not So Meek and Mild

The Jesus You Can't Ignore:
What You Must Learn From the Bold Confrontations of Christ
By John MacArthur Jr.

In an age of political correctness and "dialogue" between people of differing religious views, John MacArthur demonstrates from Scripture that Jesus' dealings with false teachers and hypocrites was anything but meek and mild. His first appearance in public after His baptism is the clearing of the Temple. He bursts onto the scene with authority. His teaching is unique. Although He is gentle with individuals, He doesn't tolerate those who would lead others astray. MacArthur demonstrates that if Jesus were preaching today, it would probably be the religious leaders, again, who would be plotting for a way to get rid of Him. Christ speaks the Truth, not feel-good messages that keep people in a stupor as they continue on to Hell.
Jesus Christ is someone you can't ignore. If you read through the gospels, you'll get a truer picture of the real Christ than you'll get with Christmas images of a helpless baby or a dead man on a crucifix. We serve a Risen Saviour and He continues to challenge the world with His words.

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