Monday, February 15, 2010

Moved In

Feb. 15, 2010

Outside my window...Cool winter day, but no snow. Much like at the Vancouver Olympics.
I am thinking...that the move went so smoothly and we're all unpacked. Only the unfinished basement is full of boxes, but we'll get to them. At least every room is set up, except we still need to buy a few pieces of furniture and decor like art and mirrors. I want to find the right ones though, so it'll come.
I am thankful for...this house. It feels like home already. It' soooo beautiful.
From the kitchen...sole and root vegetables. It was so good. The recipe for the vegetables was from the food network's The Main, and it even made brussel sprouts tasty. I'll post the recipe.
I am wearing...jeans and a light purple sweater.
I am reading...A Novel Idea by various Christian writers. It is like attending a Writers' Conference about writing inspirational fiction, which is my genre.
I am hoping...I can figure out how to get to work tomorrow night. I need to use three different types of transit systems, so three fares, plus I need to get to know the schedules for each. I've been off work for 25 days, and I really should have been blogging and reading and writing more than I have, but the move has taken all my time, and I would have felt guilty relaxing when my house wasn't in order yet.
I am hearing...the Vancouver Winter Olympics: Snowboard cross. Canada won gold, silver and bronze medals yesterday.
Around the house...our eldest is in Bermuda for spring break. One of her school friends lives there so she only had to pay for her flight. They have a house on the beach so she's having a good time. I'm quite sure when I was in college I could have gone on such a trip, but I'm glad she was able to go. Today is family day, every store is closed, so we hung out at home. It was my last day off. We've already had friends over several times.
One of my favourite things...the hot tub. My husband just figured out how to run it. He changed the water, added the chemicals and heated it up. We tried it out with my friend, Leah last night. I was in a bit too long and felt faint and nauseous.
Some plans for the week...three nights of work, then three long weeks of four nights. I have to make up for all this time off. That's gonna be tough. We also have my friend, Kathy's wedding on Saturday.

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