Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Art of Romance Writing

The Art of Romance Writing: Practical Advice from an International Bestselling Romance Writer
By Valerie Parv

This book has much practical advice about writing a romance novel, from choosing a name for your character, to making sure you keep your characters behaving according to the nature you've given them, to creating conflict, to choosing the right viewpoint.
It explains what sets romance apart from other genres: the required happy ending; characters that aren't perfect, but are perfect for each other; conflict arising from within the relationship itself, or the hero or heroine, rather than from an outside factor, like "the other woman".
The main task is to reinforce the message that love is possible at any age, in any circumstance. Apart from how to craft the story itself, Parv gives practical advice about waiting a few weeks after finishing your manuscript before sending it to a publisher; how to write a synopsis and a query letter; and how to find the right publisher for your sub-genre, inspirational, chick-lit, paranormal, single-title, etc.
She reminds writers to complete the manuscript at hand, as there is "nothing quite as seductive as the next idea. Jot it down and file it away. Return to the work at hand. There is nothing so vital to a new writer as finishing what you start."

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