Monday, February 22, 2010

Short Days, Long Nights; Long Weeks, Short Weekends

Date: February 22, 2010.

Outside my window...wet snow. Sloppy roads. To Torontonians, any forecast with snow in it is automatically a 'storm'.
I am thinking...I'm glad my daughter had a good spring break in Bermuda. She brought me a towel and fridge magnet. My husband asked for a snow globe. It has a pirate head in it. My youngest asked for a tacky shirt. She was given a zebra print top with BER-MU-DA in neon pink lettering. She said, "I hate it! Thanks." Then she wore it to youth group. I have a crazy family, but I love them.
I am thankful for...the wedding we attended on Saturday. Kathy was a beautiful bride. Hassan has waited for her for seven years. He even got to marry the right woman. The service was worshipful and her Dad preached a great sermon. Our eldest came along with us. Our youngest was at a church conference.
From the kitchen...bass fillets in a tomato and cream sauce, rice and carrots.
I am wearing...jeans and a purple sweater.
I am reading...Be Sweet by Diann Hunt. It's Christian chick-lit.
I am reconcile with my husband. We've been out of sorts for a day. I was very crabby and then we had a rare argument yesterday due to a miscommunication. I don't like it when things aren't right between us.
I am hearing...the soothing sounds of the GO train. I tell you, I'm quite liking this mode of transportation and the uninterrupted writing and reading time.
Around the house...I'm surprised that a 'move-in ready' house can cost so much. Not just big things like furniture or blinds or mattresses, but artwork and floor mats and supplies for three bathrooms. Although I must admit, I really like having more than one bathroom.
One of my favourite things...knowing what to make for dinner each day. While I was off, I planned our dinners for two weeks based on what we had in the freezer. Now I just check the whiteboard on the fridge. I'm hoping to be able to keep this up.
Some plans for the week...working four twelves. Arrgh! Not pleased, but I have to make up for all the time I had off for the move. It makes the weekends even more hectic. This weekend we have to buy a new stove, since this oven takes twice as long to bake anything. It's too unreliable. We also need to buy some bedroom furniture for our youngest daughter. Sunday evening after church, we're having the College and Careers group to our house for our first meeting.

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