Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Olympics End, College and Careers Begin

Date: March 2, 2010

Outside my window...the sun is still shining, even though it's 6 p.m. Spring is coming!
I am thinking...that though the Olympics were good, it's nice to get back to normal life. Proud to be a Canadian, though. Plenty of gold medals. After the hockey win, people were out on the streets with flags. Uncharacteristic for Canadians, but nice.
I am thankful for...the good first meeting we had with the College and Careers group. There were five of them. I made pizza and brownie pizza. They're a good bunch, all saved and anxious to serve the Lord in this place and wherever else He leads. This was the ministry that's been on my heart since the summer . It's finally underway.
From the kitchen...balsamic and rosemary chicken drumsticks, scalloped potatoes, stuffing, carrots, lemon meringue pie.
I am wearing...jeans, running shoes (yay, no boots!) and a green sweater.
I am reading...One Fell Swoop by Virginia Boyd. The jury's still out, whether I like it or not, but I'll give it a chance. I'm also reading Step By Step by James C. Petty, which is the book we're going through with the C&C group on divine guidance and knowing God's will.
I am hoping...that my Mom will be saved. I bought her a Bible in modern Finnish because all she had was the new testament. She's reading it and says it's easy to read, but she doesn't understand why Jesus was crucified. Lord, open her eyes!
I am hearing...the soothing voice of Spence, my Customer Service Ambassador on the GO train.
Around the house...the other night while we were waiting for our daughter who was at a party, we were killing time and ended up in a Chapters. I know you're surprised to learn I bought a book, well, three actually. I bought a cookbook called Comfort Foods, a book on writing called The Daily Writer, and a book called GRRRREAT Romance. It has 101 date ideas. We've done something similar before and it really revitalized our marriage. I think the recent move to the new house caused some stress on our marriage and we've both been kind of snippy. Anyway, I chose my first one. I had to come up with 101 things I loved about my husband. I knew I could think of some, but 101? Yet, when I started, the ideas just flowed, and I wrote it in one sitting. That says something about him, doesn't it? It's all those little things together that make up why I love him. Mushy, eh?
One of my favourite things...watching the Biathlon. The origin of the sport is the Winter war between Finland and Russia in 1939. Finnish snipers dressed in white would ski in, snipe and ski away. I'm amazed at the Norwegian Bjorndalen. He is a machine. He's one of my favourite athletes of all time.
A few plans for the week...work three more nights. Date night Friday, Ladies' meeting Saturday morning, friends over in the afternoon, house stuff in the evening, church Sunday with friends over for lunch, church Sunday night. We bought a new stove and it arrives on Thursday. My mom also bought a new car, a Honda Civic which also arrives on Thursday.

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