Monday, March 22, 2010

Full Life

March 22, 2010

Outside my window...a cool and rainy day.
I am daughters are complete opposites. I call them country mouse and city mouse. My eldest likes antiques, quilts, distressed wood furniture, muted colours, country music and the outdoors. My youngest likes black furniture, bold colours, shiny things, rock music and city life. Did they really come from the same parents?
I am thankful for...a friend of mine who will be typing my stories into the computer. I'm old school and do all of my writing on paper. I have seven "babies" at various stages of gestation. I need to get them into a format that will allow me to send them electronically, should that day arrive. I gotta get into the new millennium. My friend lives a few blocks away and is reliable. She also is not working since she had a stroke a few months ago. She has recovered completely, thank God!
From the kitchen...steak sandwiches and salad. My husband bbq'd in the rain.
I am wearing...jeans, a red tank top, a white CANADA hoodie and a fall coat.
I am reading...Beguiled by Deeann Gist and J. Mark Bertrand. I was at the end of reading Plague Maker by Tim Downs, got to page 360, then the next page was 329-360 and the back cover. Publishing FAIL! It was my favourite book of the year so far. So exciting. So I wrote to the publisher, Thomas Nelson and they said they'd mail me a new one. I appreciate that.
I am youngest daughter had a good day in court. It was her last day of Spring Break. She went with her grandmother to see a woman (her friend's daughter) who passed the bar a few years ago. She is a criminal defense attorney. My youngest wants to be a lawyer and she loves all aspects of the justice system. She wants to work for International Justice Mission.
I am know...the train. I always do my journalling on Monday on my way to work.
Around the house...we used the hot tub four nights in a row. My eldest was home for the weekend and had a friend over. My youngest went to youth group and then had two friends over. Saturday we cleaned the church and then took my Mom out to the Keg to celebrate her 70th birthday. Sunday we had chicken pot pie at home. No guests. A short nap and great preaching. I missed the morning service because I was in the nursery. Not my favourite ministry. The pastor preached 15 minutes longer than usual. The kids seem to sense when they've been there too long. The last ten minutes those eight kids were out of control. The longest 95 minutes of my week. They're starting to paint the sanctuary of our church today, so next weeks' service will be downstairs. Could be standing room only. We're buying things for the house little by little, but we seem to have something going on every weekend and time flies. We bought a new bbq and some accessories for the girls' rooms. We have some men coming on Saturday to see about basement renovations. Ideally, I'd like it renovated by the fall.
One of my favourite things...a schedule like I have this week: two nights on, five nights off. That's the way a work week should be. If all goes according to plan, in nine years I can semi-retire and have a schedule like that for five years before I retire completely. I don't want to rush my retirement, though. There's time for a lot of living between now and then.
Some plans for the week...schedule as above. Shop for a desk for my daughter's room. Drop off my stories to my friend. We're hosting a men's breakfast (from church) at our house on Saturday morning. Clean and cook for Sunday. My Mom wants to have some of her friends over for Sunday dinner to celebrate her birthday some more. That's fine with me. I want her to feel like it's her home, too, even if we haven't built her basement apartment yet. Sunday evening we're having the second College and Careers meeting. We're getting them to take more control of it: devotions, games, food. They're a good group.

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