Monday, March 29, 2010

Another Day, Another Dollar

March 29, 2010

Outside my window...a sunny but cool day. About 10 C.
I am thinking...the College and Careers group are a good bunch of young adults. They contributed quite a bit to the discussions last night. One man prepared a devotion, and another led the music. We plan to go to Missionfest Toronto in April for our next meeting. One of the girls is in College studying Fashion Design. She brought her sketch book and some of the clothes she has designed and made. She's very talented. There were seven young adults plus my husband and I.
I am thankful youngest daughter's acceptance into all the universities she's applied to. Today she heard from University of Toronto, which was her first choice. She was so excited. I never had any doubt she'd get in.
From the kitchen...leftover ham, hassleback potatoes and green beans.
I am wearing...jeans, a red tank top and a grey cardigan.
I am reading...Captives of Minara by Eric E. Wright.
I am hoping...for a good resolution to my eldest daughter's rental situation. She has a room in the basement of a house. The last time it rained, the foundation leaked into her closet. When a contractor looked at it, he said they'd need to dig down and fix it. The landlord then prepared a lease saying they wouldn't be responsible for any repairs related to water damage or leaks. I don't know how they think they can do that just because they're students. I don't want her to have to worry about her health. They have two days to decide whether they'll take a chance that it won't be a problem or try to find other accommodations for the fall. Times like this I wish I had easy access to a lawyer to find out if they can do such a thing.
I am hearing...the GO train on my way to work.
Around the house...we had someone in to pull up the 20 evergreen trees that the previous owners had planted in our little yard. They were too close to each other, to the fence, the deck and the house. They will grow to be monsters. Better to remove them now while they're still small. We also had a contractor in on the weekend. He gave us some good suggestions about a floor plan for the basement. We still have to have a few others in before we can get started. I also chose a paint colour for the halls, stairwell and entrance way. The walls got damaged when the previous owners moved out. We'll have the painters in to start either this week or next. The mens' breakfast went well. I would have let them fend for themselves, but that would have meant relinquishing control of my kitchen and I'm too much of a micro-manager to do that. They seemed to appreciate having the food ready for them. They say women talk a lot but from where I was upstairs, it sounded like a hen house. We had a second party for my Mom's 70th birthday. It's a typical Finnish custom that on your 50th birthday they take a picture of you in front of a table full of flowers. I think we missed doing that then since she was living up north. My kids said they were going to do that when I turned 50. Not sure I like that idea since it just reminds me of seeing pictures of my grandparents. Not ready to be "old" yet. I still have four years to go.
One of my favourite things...the hot tub; our new toy.
Some plans for the four nights, then a four night weekend. I'll miss our Good Friday service since I'm working Thursday night. No big plans for the weekend other than a Sunrise breakfast at church on Sunday morning. Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! I'm kind of glad not to be too busy since we've had something going on every weekend recently and more of the same planned for April.

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