Monday, April 19, 2010

Control is an Illusion

April 19, 2010.

Outside my window...a beautiful Spring day. Sunny, high teens.
I am thinking...the eruption this week of the Icelandic volcano with the unpronounceable name, confirms the fact that control of our circumstances is just an illusion. I have relatives on vacation in Finland. They were supposed to fly home today, but they're "ashed" in. Two hundred million dollars a day in lost revenue, thousands inconvenienced, but thankfully, no lives lost. I once saw a program about a plane that flew into the ash from a volcano, not knowing what was happening. It clogged up and shut down the engines, and the plane dropped about 12,000 feet before it cleared and restarted. Scary. I'm sure the airlines don't want to risk a plane crash, or even damage to their planes, which could have repercussions later on. I heard the ash cloud is now headed towards Canada. Hopefully, it has dissipated somewhat. My eldest daughter is going to Bermuda in early May and my youngest and I are flying in mid-May. We have trip cancellation insurance, but I hope our trips aren't cancelled.
I am thankful for...the good weekend we had. On Friday night, we took the College and Careers group to Missionfest. Although it wasn't the greatest venue and we had only a few hours, so we could only walk through the Exhibit Hall, we had fun. We also found a few ministry opportunities, one in particular that appealed to my husband. It's called Water Ambassadors. He works for Water Supply and always wanted to use his training in some way. This group uses very simple technology to provide clean drinking water, from a $50 hand held purifier for one family to a well for a whole village. It's something to consider for a short term missions trip, or to raise funds for it as a project. See this picture of me holding a python? Not what I was expecting to do, but then I was the first brave one, then the other women, then the men were shamed into trying it, some wrapped it around their necks. Show offs! Then we went to church to check out the new ping pong table the youth were setting up. Since it was our weekend to clean, we decided to do it then, so we didn't have to return the following morning. Saturday we shopped, cleaned, napped and then went to a 60th birthday party for one of our deacons. It was a great party. Sunday was a lazy bbq and nap kind of day between church services. Our Pastor was away so our two seminary students preached. It's good to see them improve on the gifts they've been given. They both have their own unique styles, which is as it should be.
From the kitchen..rice, meat egg rolls, and crudites.
I am jeans, a cream tank top, a beige cardigan and a beige faux leather jacket.
I am reading...Elementary, my dear Watkins by Mindy Starns Clark. It's chick-lit.
I am hoping...My youngest daughter gets through this week at school. This school is heavy on the academics and some weeks are just ridiculous. She does homework all evening, every day. I know it'll help her cope at university, but sometimes she's overwhelmed. I'm quite sure I wouldn't have been able to handle a workload like that when I was in high school. I was too lazy.
I am hearing...some guy tapping out a rhythm behind me. Kind of annoying, I'd rather hear quiet on the train.
Around the house...My eldest finishes her second year of university tomorrow. We'll be picking her up, along with her goldfish. The backyard swing arrived, but my husband hasn't had time to assemble it yet. I'm working tonight, Wednesday and Thursday. I like having a night off mid-week. It breaks it up.
One of my favourite books. I save up my airmiles and exchange them for a Chapters gift card, which equals free books. Way to feed my addiction, eh? Nobody gets hurt.
Some plans for the above. I have a special date planned for my husband Friday night, then the usual errands/chores on Saturday. We're going to another birthday party on Saturday night. Life's about these moments, isn't it? Oh, and I joined the acfw this week. It's the American Christian Fiction Writers group. Now I feel like I have peers who "get" me.

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