Monday, April 12, 2010

Death and Taxes

April 12, 2010

Outside my window...a sunny spring day; the kind of day that makes me feel happy.
I am thinking...such sad news this week when the Polish President, his wife, the heads of all four branches of the military, and many other leaders, were killed when their plane crashed. Such a loss for their country. I thought of the same scenario back a few years ago when Chretien was the Prime Minister here, and he went to China on a trade mission. He flew on the same plane with all ten Premiers. I remember thinking if the plane went down, we would be without the entire leadership of our country. Not too smart.
I am thankful for...a busy life. Sure, I complain sometimes, but overall, we are healthy and happy and we have many ways to serve and work and play. For example, this past weekend, I went to the Inspiring Women Conference at Toronto Baptist Seminary. Ruth Edwards spoke on "Will Someone Please Explain the Old Testament?" It was very helpful. We also went outside at lunch to Allen Gardens and took some pictures. Today, I ran errands, went to the dentist, and picked up our plane tickets to San Diego! Thirty days!
From the kitchen...ham, carrots, beans and cauliflower. Trying to trim up a bit in the month before we go, so I'm cutting down on carbs.
I am wearing...jeans, my SUOMI shirt, a cardigan and my windbreaker.
I am reading...Adrenaline by John B. Olson; a thriller.
I am hoping...God keeps working on my Mom's heart. On Sunday morning our Pastor preached on Reconciliation. It was beautiful. As she was leaving just before the Lord's Supper, as she always does, she hugged my husband. He said she seemed moved by what she heard. It could be she's under conviction. That's a big deal, when for years she never seemed to have a spiritual thought. For her to recognize that there is a problem between her and God is a big change. Lord, soften her hard heart!
I am hearing...conversations on the train.
Around the house...we had another contractor come by. He took measurements and heard what we wanted. He'll make some drawings and get back to us. The painter finished in one day; it looks good. I ordered a swing with a canopy for the backyard. It'll arrive in a few weeks, and then my husband will have to assemble it. The swing is really for my mom, who doesn't like direct sunlight, unlike me. I also get nauseous on swings. My eldest has one week left of her second year of university. She'll be home a bit and then she'll do two courses over two months, to lighten her load in the fall. She'll work as a counselour at summer camp, again. My youngest is working hard, especially on Mock Trials for law class. She has to cross-examine a witness tomorrow. She bought her prom dress. It's royal blue and has a strap on one shoulder. She needs to find shoes now.
One of my favourite things..not having to worry about doing the taxes. My husband e-files them. I sooooooooo appreciate that. Funny, but I forgot that on my list of 101 things I loved about him. Make that 102. I really do love that guy. He's a keeper.
Some plans for the three nights, go to Missionfest on Friday night with the College and Careers group. I used to go most of Friday and Saturday, and took in the free classes, but we're too busy. Hopefully, we'll get some more ideas for either local ministry for the C&C's or a short term missions trip. Saturday, we're cleaning the church, and in the evening we're going to a friend's party. Sunday, church. Then start all over again.

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