Monday, April 26, 2010


April 26, 2010.

Outside my window...a beautiful spring day. I even had a wee nap out on the swing. Blue skies, warm breeze, no bugs, no worries.
I am thinking...that praying with your spouse is one of the most intimate things you can do.
I am thankful for...the convicting work of the Holy Spirit. The past few sermons have made me think about my prayerlessness. When my husband neglects to pray, he begins to worry. When I neglect to pray, I begin to complain. I was also thinking about some people I know who are not living as Christians, yet have convinced themselves that everything's okay. Everyone has the potential for self-deception. That made me look at my own life. Am I just playing church; doing the right things, saying the right things, while my heart is cold? To me, the worst thing that could ever happen is to one day hear the words, "I never knew you." That's why my husband and I were praying together. I don't want to deceive myself. I want a real, vibrant relationship with my Saviour.
From the daughter and her friend, Sarah made us an amazing dinner today: apricot brie and crackers; salad with romaine, spinach, blackberries, green beans, mozzarella and cranberries, cayenne chicken with avocado and tomato salsa,and creme brule. It was delish!
I am wearing...jeans and a grey top.
I am reading...When Love Blooms by Robin Lee Hatcher.
I am daughter memorizes the words to the song she's singing at a wedding this weekend. I don't know why I get so stressed about these things. She's not.
I am hearing...a man reading the newspaper aloud to his wife, on the train.
Around the house...Sarah's with us for a week and then they're off to her house in Bermuda. My husband and the girls put the swing together. We went shopping for some new suits, shirts and ties for him. Big bucks, yes, but he doesn't often spend money on himself. And he looks mighty fine.
One of my favourite things...having someone else to cook for me.
Some plans for the four nights. It's my birthday on Friday. We're hoping to buy a stove for the backyard for roasting marshmallows and wieners. I also hope to find a new party dress for the wedding we're attending on Saturday. Sunday we're going out with friends from church, between services, for Trinidadian roti. Our Pastor should be back this weekend. He was up north since his 97 year old mother-in-law died. On Monday I have an appointment with a specialist about some concerns I've had that seem to have resolved with some medication. I may keep the appointment anyway.

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