Thursday, October 21, 2010

Demon: A Memoir by Tosca Lee

What is Man?

This novel was gripping. A writer/editor named Clay is approached by a stranger who insists that he must write the man's memoir. He takes different forms every time he comes to Clay to continue his story. He is a demon and he recounts Lucifer's fall, the creation of the world, the creation and fall of man, the flood ,Satan's hatred of God's people throughout history, the account of Job, the coming of Christ; His temptation, ministry, crucifixion and resurrection.

It's an interesting perspective on the old, old story. It reviews Redemptive history from the point of view of the enemy of man. The demons could not believe that God would lavish His love and favour on this mud-man, made of dust, or that He would continue to forgive them when they rebelled against Him. Even the demons were amazed by grace, yet it just made them hate man even more. Too late, they realized that what they thought was their moment of triumph, the crucifixion of the God-man, Jesus, was actually their defeat. It was finished when God paid the price for the creature 's sin.

"But here now, is the crux of it"--he stared at me--"there are those of us damned for one single, failing moment, while you have the favor of an utterly partial God, willing to offer second chances again and again and again."

Beautiful. It made me appreciate my salvation by grace, even more.

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