Monday, October 4, 2010

Full Life

Oct. 4, 2010.

Outside my window...a cool, rainy day. The leaves are changing. I know it looks nice, but I'm a summer girl.
I am all my worrying was for nothing. My MRI was "normal for my age", whatever that means, and my audiology test was also within normal range. I've also noticed my hearing is improved and my headaches are gone. It seems to have been affected only as long as the reno was going on. I didn't think I was stressed, but I seem to have internalized it. I tend to do that, then I'm still surprised when I get heart palpitations or headaches. So I'm NOT dying of some dread disease, that I know of.
I am thankful for...good friends. We had a couple visiting from out of town this weekend. They're so easy-going. We ate in, we ate out, we went in the hot tub and sauna, we walked, we watched a movie, we laughed at things on youtube, went to church, had another meal together, and said our good-byes.
From the kitchen...Atlantic salmon, salad, and corn on the cob (just a little bit).
I am wearing...jeans, a purple sweater, and a warm fall jacket.
I am reading...The Peacemakers by Jack Cavanaugh, set in the 1960's.
I am get through another week of four nights. I'm so tired.
I am hearing...the train.
Around the house...we'll have a full house this weekend. Both girls will be home. We're hosting 16 family members for Thanksgiving dinner on Monday.
One of my favourite things...finding an author I like and then reading everything they wrote. I'm a faithful reader.
Some plans for the four nights, date night, help my daughter paint her room, shop for home furnishings, cook, clean, shop, bake and then entertain family. Oh, and I need to make a harvest display for church. We give the food away to a needy family afterwards.

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