Monday, September 27, 2010


September 27, 2010.

Outside my window...a rainy day.
I am thinking...didn't I say that the next thing to be promoted as normal would be polygamy? I did, when they brought in 'gay marriage'. Now there's a show on TLC called Sister Wives, where a man married three sisters and had many children with them. This incestuous and polygamous situation is being presented as normal, so people will get used to the idea. Soon you'll hear, 'It's okay, as long as they love each other.' Then anyone who speaks against it will be labelled as an intolerant, hateful bigot. I'm sure they'll come up with a a name for it,too, like they did with homophobia, as if we're the ones with the problem. Next it will be pedophilia that will be promoted. I've already heard an 'expert' on the news say that it can't be treated because it's a sexual orientation. I couldn't believe they didn't ask the obvious questions. "Will their rights be protected so they can't be discriminated against because of sexual orientation?" "Can they work in daycares and schools?" "Can they adopt children?" Mark my words. It's next.
I am thankful opportunity to see old friends again. We had a nice surprise on the weekend. A friend from twenty years ago was visiting from France. We originally met when she was doing her M. Div. at TBS. She used to play the piano for us at church. We saw her a few times over the years. She's currently working on her PhD in music. She's an amazing woman, totally dedicated to God. It's great to have the type of friendship where you can just pick up where you left off.
From the kitchen...roast chicken and steamed asparagus. I've noticed a difference in just one week on this diet.
I am wearing...jeans, a white t-shirt, a red hoodie and my beige windbreaker.
I am reading...Lonestar Secrets by Colleen Coble.
I am hoping...that one day my husband may have a slightly different job with the city. It seems his bosses are making a position with him in mind. He wouldn't have the stresses of day-to-day operations or the responsibilities of so many staff.
I am hearing...the train.
Around the husband was at an ordination this past weekend. I would have liked to go. I enjoy those things. Instead I went shopping with my youngest on Friday and cleaned all day Saturday. I even washed windows, and was reminded that I didn't care for heights. My mom is still getting settled into her place in the basement. I bought paint for my eldest daughter's room. Now I need to find time to paint. They we have a few rooms to redecorate.
One of my favourite commute. Generally stress-free and comfortable. So nice to not have to fight traffic.
Some plans for the four nights. Shop and clean for out of town guests arriving on Saturday. My husband won't be available to help prep due to meetings, so I'm a little stressed about that.

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