Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Out of the Depths

October 20, 2010.

Outside my window...a pleasant fall day. It's supposed to get colder by the end of the week, though. It may even snow!
I am the Chilean miners were rescued this week. It was some good news in a world full of tragedies, disasters, wars and violence. However, did you notice the t-shirt the miners all put on over top of their overalls? Not one reporter commented on the fact that they all wore it, or would say what it said on it. I saw "Jesus" on the sleeve. The front says, "Gracias Senor" or thank you God, on the front. On the back there is a verse from the Psalms about the Lord holding the depths of the earth in his hands. Amazing how they can't bring themselves to acknowledge God at all, even though the miners weren't ashamed to do so. They hugged their President, but they thanked God. I also heard that two of them accepted Christ because of their ordeal.
I am thankful for...good health care. My daughter will see a specialist tomorrow. That's only a week after her second trip to the emerg. He'll probably order more tests, but we should get some answers soon.
From the kitchen...rice, crudites and dip, fish in a cream sauce with peppers.
I am uniform. I'm at work.
I am reading...The Crimson Cipher by Susan Page Davis, about code breakers during WW one. I like it. They say it's pre WW1, although it's 1915. I find it funny, though, that in books written by Americans, they often talk about the dates of the war only in terms of when the U.S. was in it. Ask most Americans the dates of WW2, and they'd say 1942-1945 instead of 1939-1945. The same is true for WW1.
I am daughter's appointment goes well tomorrow.
I am hearing...a quiet unit.
Around the house...We bought some coffee tables for the basement. My mom bought herself a couch and kitchen set for her apartment. My husband cancelled his fishing trip last weekend, mostly out of concern for our daughter, who ended up in emerg twice last week with severe abdominal pain. I can't say I'm sad he stayed home. I miss him when he's gone. I'm so needy, I know. We cleaned out a storage closet. He's better at that than I am. I would tend to hoard, while he is ruthless. Everything out. Saturday there was a ladies' meeting at church. I was in the nursery on Sunday morning. All those screaming kids reminded me why those days are behind me. I have no patience. I also picked up a memory stick from a friend who has typed all my stories into it, so now they're in electronic format. I just have to train myself to write on the computer, instead of on paper, which is my preference. I'm old school, I guess. I've been searching for ideas for an amuse bouche to serve at an upcoming dinner party. It's the one-bite teaser you serve before appetizers. There are many recipes and pictures out there. I tested one the other day. I'll post the picture. It's a cherry tomato on a basil leaf, with shaved Parmesan. It packs a kick, so one is enough. I also heat the tomato first. It's an option, but I'll test a few more. It will have to go with whatever my menu is, which I haven't decided on yet.
One of my favourite things...good books. I stopped at the Christian bookstore to get some story books for the nursery at church, and I scored myself four books. I know, I have a problem.
Some plans for the three nights. Clean and cook. Church on Sunday.

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