Monday, January 3, 2011

Am I Living in a Soap Opera?

January 4, 2011.

Outside my window...a mild winter day. No snow.
I am thinking...we've had so much drama in our lives over the past three weeks. Although Christmas was good in many ways, my sister-in-law's emergency surgery, my future brother-in-law's brain tumour, and our neighbour's arrest for the attempted murder of his wife while on vacation in Jamaica has just been a little bit too soap opera for my routine life. Give me monotony any day! Or every day! In addition to all that, we've been entertaining and even hosted an open house on New Year's Day, and had seventeen people drop in. Now I'm tired.
I am thankful for...the good things in our lives. A good marriage, children I am proud of, health, a beautiful home, a job I love, a great church to worship and serve in, and many friends.
From the kitchen...tacos.
I am uniform since I'm at work.
I am reading...As Sure as the Dawn by Francine Rivers.
I am sister's fiance (he proposed today) recovers fully. He has had brain surgery three times in a week, once for the biopsy, which showed it was malignant, then emergency surgery a day later when he had a seizure, and they were able to remove half the tumour which they had originally said was inoperable because of its location, and then two days after that since he wasn't waking up. They were able to get another 40% of the tumour. He's awake off and on and is aware of where he is and what's happened, and took that opportunity to propose to her.
I am hearing...a quiet unit. The O.R. is closed one more day. There are seven patients for two nurses. I didn't blog on the train today because my husband gave me a ride in to work tonight. It was too dark to write in the van. We stopped at another hospital first to visit my sister's fiance and then we visited a friend of my mother-in-law's who is in my hospital.
Around the house...our eldest returned from Kansas City safe and sound, then went back to Hamilton. We hardly had a chance to see her. Our youngest has a friend visiting from a small town near St. Catherines for the week. She doesn't start back to university till next week. I took down half our Christmas decorations today. I'm worn out from all the parties of the last two months, and from the over-eating, as well. I went back to Curves this morning and will try to eat healthier. I feel gross.
One of my favourite things...undecorating from Christmas. It was nice while it lasted, but the tree is dropping needles like crazy and I'd like to get my house back in order again.
Some plans for the four nights, visit friends on Friday night, no plans yet for the weekend, thankfully. I'd like a pajama day and a chance to catch up on stuff around the house, like unpacking. We've been here since February and we still have a half garage full of boxes to unpack. See, I'm not as organized as I pretend to be.

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