Saturday, January 15, 2011

Review of Last Year's Goals

Review of Resolutions/Shmesolutions 2010

Before I set new goals for the year, I like to asses how successful I was in the previous year, or if I was way off the mark. I put my evaluation in CAPS after each sentence. Later today, I'll write new goals.

The beginning of a new year always brings about the inevitable questions about New Years’ Resolutions. Because most people are notorious for not keeping them, present company included, I’ve long since given up on even making any.
However, I do set goals for myself. I find if they are realistic and measurable, I can usually attain them.

I break them down into categories: physical/health, spiritual, professional/intellectual, relationships, household/financial, and hobbies. Then I think about what I’m currently doing that’s worth keeping, plan to continue that and improve in some small way in each category, so I’ll grow.

For example, when my daughters were still very young, I didn’t have much time for reading. So, back then my reading goal was for four books per year, because I figured I could manage one every three months if I worked at it slowly. It seems laughable to me now, since I usually read over 60 books a year. But, as I said, I made my goals realistic for how my life was at the time.
So, I think 70 books is a reasonable goal for next year.

As a Christian, I don’t think it’s unspiritual to set goals. I still need God’s help to reach them. But I do think that if your goal is to be a spiritually mature person, you’ve got to take steps to get there. It’s like saying, “I want to be a world-class pianist”, and then never practicing the piano. It doesn’t work that way.
So, that being said, I’ll share my goals, partly to make me accountable. I can check back at the end of 2010 and see how I did.

-Maintain my weight loss from last year within five pounds.—NOT.
-Dentist 4 times a year, Doctor once a year. Yearly screening mammogram.—MISSED MY MAMMO. OOPSIE.

-Attend church twice a week.—YES.
-Increase weekly tithing amount.—YES.
-Bible reading: The New Testament within 90 days.—NO, I’M A FAILURE.
-Attend Carey Conference and other conferences, if able.—YES, TWO.
-Continue with nursery, kitchen, cleaning at church. Begin a new ministry at church—College and Careers group. Speak at Ladies’ Meeting occasionally.—YES, EXCEPT THE CLEANING. ANOTHER COUPLE GRACIOUSLY TOOK OVER FOR US.

-Work full time.—YES.
-Obtain at least 20 hours of oncology nursing continuing education hours to keep up my C.O.N.(C) certification.—ABOUT 15 HOURS.
-Do the College of Nurses quality assurance requirements.—YES.
-Hospital on-line inservice and continuing education as required.—YES.
-Read at least two books on current events/social issues.—DOES STUFF CHRISTIANS LIKE, COUNT?
-Watch the news. Stay current on world events.—YES.

-Marriage—continue weekly dates.—MOSTLY.
-Travel with my husband: south in the winter and away for a few days for our anniversary in July.—DIDN’T GO SOUTH AS WE BOUGHT A NEW HOUSE, BUT WENT TO KINGSTON FOR OUR ANNIVERSARY.
-Daughters—family trip in summer, Carey conference, possible trip to Florida in December.—TOOK YOUNGEST DAUGHTER WITH ME TO SAN DIEGO. NO FAMILY TRIP, THOUGH.
-Extended family—keep up socially, with facebook.—YES.
-Attend family reunions, events, weddings.—YES.
-Send Christmas letter update.—YES.
-Friends—facebook, twitter,blog.—YES.
-Entertain friends at least once a month.—YES, AND THEN SOME.

-Move to new house, renovate basement.—YES, RENO TOOK FOUR MONTHS.
-Continue to support other charities.—YES.
-Set aside money for daughters’ university fees.—PAID IN FULL.

-Read 70 books in total.—NO, ONLY 54.
-Watch as much soccer as possible. (I love goals like this. Everything isn’t about work.). Take in a TFC soccer game, if possible.—ATTENDED TWO TFC GAMES, ONE IN THE POURING RAIN. THAT’S DEDICATION.
-Complete one of my inspirational romances, work on the others.—NO, INSTEAD I STARTED ANOTHER PROJECT DURING NANOWRIMO.
-Continue to blog at least twice a week.—YES.
-Write book reviews as I read.—YES.
-Attempt another month of the 100 words a day challenge.—TOO BUSY, BUT I DID A WEEK OF NANO.

Well, that’s me. I know that equals a busy life. Sure, I could sit around and watch mindless t.v. instead, but what is there to show for it at the end of the year? I hope this inspired you to make your own goals, instead of resolutions.

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