Monday, August 13, 2012

Breathing Easy

Outside my window...another beautiful summer day, although it’s cooler than usual and it’s starting to get dark earlier. :(

I am thinking...this may be my last week before vacation but it will be a busy one. Last week was painfully slow. I did some e-learning to pass the time. I’d rather have it steady than slow. We had a nice visit with our missionaries. We'll see if South Africa is in our future for next year.
I am present my synopsis in a professional manner. I am meeting during the Carey Conference  with three women who decide on the speakers for the SGF Women’s Retreat, and I hope to be the speaker next May. They have a few questions for me.

I am thankful for... the result of my sleep test. No sleep apnea. I was worried about having a CPAP machine. He said the gasping could be either that I sleep on my back, which I rarely do, or that my reflux needs to be better controlled, that I lose 10 pounds and get rid of stress. He also said that just because I didn’t have an episode that night doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen another time. That night was a normal result. I don’t really think I have stress, but then I tend to internalize things. As for the ten pounds, I knew that already.

From the kitchen...spaghetti and meatballs, salad.

I am hearing...The breeze coming into the house. Now that the Olympics have ended, I don’t really have a reason to turn the t.v. on.
I am reading...Love in Disguise by Carol Cox.
Around the house...Our eldest hasn’t been home for three weeks. She’s coming with five friends for a bbq on Thursday. My youngest is keeping busy since she never did find a job. She is volunteering this week at the church summer camp she worked at the past two summers. My husband and I are working our last week before another two weeks of vacation. I’m studying about regeneration. Beautiful.
One of my favourite things...Carey Conference. This is our twentieth year.

Some plans for the three nights. Help with daughter’s bbq, pack for Carey, bake and do laundry. Go to Carey and enjoy a spiritual week of rest. I think Kody will like it. I hope he’ll be good.

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