Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Trailer Living

Outside my window...a sunny week so far. The nights are cooler, but that’s August in Canada for you.
 I am thinking...my meeting about the Ladies’ Retreat went well. Bad news and good news. They decided the topic wouldn’t translate well from a small group over five lessons to a presentation over three hours. But they asked me to be the Speaker if I could present a different topic.
 I am hoping...God will give me a topic so I can get back to them within the month.
 I am thankful for...the opportunity to worship freely, to hear solid preaching and buy books.
From the kitchen...salmon, corn on the cob, Caesar salad. My husband and I went out to a restaurant in Paris for lunch. Yeah, the other Paris. But it was nice.
I am hearing...crickets.
 I am reading...Exploring the Fascinating Life of Jesus by Roger Ellsworth. It’s one of the books we bought at Carey.
 Around the house...this trailer we rented is clean and nice. It’s very small and we’ve caught Kody on the couch a few times. He thinks the rules are different here. He also has to get used to being tied up outside, since there is no fence. He’s a little nervous because everything is different. The shower is teeny tiny and because the hot water tank is equally small, we have to take navy showers. Get wet, water off, lather, rinse. No Hollywood showers. But at least we don’t have to use the public showers.
 One of my favourite things...campfires.
Some plans for the week...enjoy the Carey Conference. Great preaching. Stephen Rees from England is preaching on Paul: God’s man in life or death. First night was awesome. And the singing! O, the singing! A taste of heaven. Nice to catch up with friends. I’m much more mellow about everything, our meal planning and all that. We’re doing fine.

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