Sunday, November 25, 2012

“Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

Outside my window...cold. We had our first snowfall yesterday, but it has since melted.
I am husband has been sick for almost four weeks. Still coughing. Probably bronchitis He’s got antibiotics but it’s still hanging on. I tried to make him take a homemade cough syrup I found on Pinterest, made of cayenne pepper, ginger, honey, apple cider vinegar and water. He took it twice, but no more. I’m not usually one for home remedies, but nothing else seemed to be working.
I am hoping...these body aches, headache, and exhaustion aren’t the beginning signs of that illness going around. “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” (You gotta see that on Youtube). No, really. I don’t have time to be sick. I’m hoping the flu shot will lessen the severity of whatever is coming.
I am thankful for...Advil for my body aches.
From the kitchen...roast beef, oven roasted potatoes, baby carrots.
I am hearing...the fan on our fireplace. It’s so loud we hardly use it. I’m all bundled up and drinking tea.
I am wearing...p.j.’s since I just had a two hour Sunday afternoon nap.
I am reading...Ezekiel. Trying to catch up with my Bible reading on my kindle. Such a busy month. I tend to get stymied when I get to Ezekiel in my Bible reading plan. He’s so hard to understand. I’m going to tell him that when I meet him.
Around the house...I decked my halls yesterday, but we decided to wait two weeks for the tree, since we’re getting a real one, and we’re away next weekend and don’t want needles dropping.
One of my favourite things...fresh flowers and Norfolk pines.

Some plans for the four nights. Last week I ended up only having to work three nights, but Wednesday in particular was crazy busy with a very sick patient. Finish up my Christmas letter and get it printed. Send a Christmas parcel to a Christian soldier in Afghanistan. He’s been home from Iraq for over a year. He especially loves my mom’s Finnish gingersnaps, so I’m sending a tin of them. His wife and daughter live in the western U.S. I chose a topic for the Women of Faith Christmas brunch, and I will also do a Christmas themed game of Jeopardy. My eldest daughter has a job interview on Monday for social work in her area. Then we'll travel to London, Ontario for our Finnish side family Christmas celebration. We have a friend who’ll stay overnight with our dog while we’re out of town.

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