Monday, November 12, 2012

Writing Room

Outside my window...grey, rainy and windy, again. But this morning when I walked the dog it was mild.
I am thinking...I’m so excited. I worked hard this afternoon, setting up a writing room in my married daughter’s old room.  I also organized two other storage bookshelves. At least now it’s controlled chaos, and it feels mighty good.

I am hoping...not to catch my husband’s cough. He’s had it over a week already. He missed church and was sent home from work. There’s something going around with a cough that lasts a few weeks, headache and possible fever. I hope the flu shot I got last week protects me from it.
 I am thankful for...a rare Monday night off.

From the kitchen...we bbq’d Lick’s burgers in the rain. Or should I say, my husband did?
I am hearing...Storming Juno about the Canadians on D-Day.  It’s Remembrance week.

I am wearing...jeans, a blue print top and a navy cardigan.
I am reading...nothing this week. I’m too busy writing on my commute.

Around the house...same old, same old. Trying to get myself organized. I was asked to write another guest column for Barnabas, plus I’ve got to write our Christmas letter and send out the Christmas cards, write my messages for the retreats in the new year, and do my next lesson for the Women of Faith. Oh, and of course, still trying to keep up with my NaNo novel, which is falling behind.
One of my favourite things...having a designated writing room.

Some plans for the three nights. I’m hoping to get the third one off because we’re heading to Cambridge on Friday morning for our Sovereign Grace Annual Assembly. We’ll stay at a hotel one night. Church on Sunday. I think I’m in the nursery.

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